Rachael Swan

WOW. ......... So much.

I have met so many amazing people, seen some pretty cool stuff, and we are only on day 3!
So today's and yesterdays news is here.
Download newsletter_3_june_14_20062.pdf
Download newsletter_4_june_15_2006.pdf

The photo here is from another Rachel, and amazing self taught photographer. She has fantastic manic red hair, and sings like an angel.

I am off to the Young Adult Deputies Reception. I promised Joe B from home that I would take some photos. I will put them in the photo album here I just created today.

I have not had much time for legislation, I am really looking forward to hearing about it tonight at the reception. I think that is the thing that I am missing the most is the sessions and legislation. Who knows - maybe I will run for a deputee position for the next convention. Either way - I am so keenly aware what an honor and blessing it is to:
1. Be here
2. Serve the festival and Convention. It is truly a joy.

So enjoy the newsletters and I will post more tonight.
Peace+ Rachael Swan (Minnesota)

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