Bishop Wolf addresses ECW
Wednesday June 14

Bishop Geralyn Wolf (Arizona) addressed the Episcopal Church Women's gathering today. This triennial meeting takes place concurrently with the General Convention. Bishop Wolf spoke of her experience living as a homeless person, which she has also written about in her book. The Bishop's address was warmly received. Several hundred women were gathered.

The crowd responded with applause when Bishop Wolf shared her experience of walking out of a church after being refused breakfast, since she had been unable to pay the set fee. Visiting this church one morning, the Bishop asked if she could have leftover food. When she was told "no," since she had no money, she stayed at the church for a Bible study. During the Bible study, she read the passage in which Jesus tells his followers that they might need to shake the dust from their sandals and leave some people behind. The Bishop, dressed as a homeless person, stood in the class and said "I came for breakfast, and you would not feed me. The kingdom of God has come near." It was that line that received much applause.
At the end of her address, punctuated by much laughter, the Bishop was greeted with a standing ovation. She was not speaking from prepared remarks, so there is no transcript available.


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