The Youth Presence at Convention continues to be a highlight - last night at the U2charist, which drew 400 people and today's appearance at the House of Bishops. Eighteen members of the youth contingent were recognized by the Presiding Bishop and greeted with a standing ovation by the House of Bishops.

18 year old David Pringle from the Diocese of Southeast Florida inspired all of us with his story of transformation.

David was an acolyte for 10 years - as he tells it "sitting in a stuffy old church with a bunch of stuffy old people."

"In 2004, my skepticism was at its peak and I was surrounding by kids just like me - my friends and my fellow students and I thought: 'How can some who spent their entire life in church doubt their faith?'

But a few years summers ago, things changed for David when he volunteered for a mission trip in Kentucky "helping people start their modest mountain community, I witnessed the hand of God at work. Never had I been so emotionally, physically and spiritually invested.

"It was a calling from Christ that got us on that mountain. Digging a ditch full of mud and rocks to lay foundations, I looked around and saw youth and adults -including bishops- digging that ditch as a team. Once again, Jesus uses mud to heal – this time with me. This is what Christ's formation is all about. Our mission is to spread God’s peace, life and love throughout the world.

It is my desire to bring more and more people into the church to find a place among the wonderful things through Christ."

David's speech moved the House of Bishops and the audience to their feet in sustained applause.

“St. Benedict reminds us that it is often the youngest who speak most clearly,” said the Presiding Bishop in response to David's speech. (Courtesy of Diocese of Massachusetts)

* DAVID PRINGLE: a member of Trinity Cathedral and current president of the Youth Commission, is one of the two Province IV youth representatives.

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