At least four resolutions
focusing on youth will be brought to convention.

Resolution A040, proposed by the Standing Commission on Domestic Mission and Evangelism (SCDME), would direct the Office for Young Adult Ministry to offer leadership training opportunities for young adults. The resolution would also have the Church Center's office of Congregational Development include awareness of concerns about ministry with young adults in training events and develop educational resources for parish and diocesan leaders of all ages who seek to provide young adult ministry. Each diocese would be required to have at least two adults younger than 30 serving on diocesan governing boards and communicate the availability of these positions to young adults in the diocese. The resolution would also require that the names of the young adults filling these positions be included in the annual diocesan parochial report.

The commission also proposes a resolution (A041) that calls upon the Executive Council, dioceses, and congregations to affirm the importance of college and university ministries as locations for mission and evangelism. It also calls for giving campus ministries canonical status as mission congregations, whenever appropriate, and encourages dioceses to provide funding for a full or part-time staff position for ministry on every campus, whenever appropriate.

The Standing Commission on the Structure of the Church has proposed creating a new Standing Commission on Youth and Christian Formation (Resolution A105) because it said those program areas need their own way to make policy proposals to General Convention.

In another youth-related resolution, the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music is proposing (A067) new rites and prayers for life transitions and stages in human development, including during the time of childhood and young adulthood.


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