of the

June, 2006

Anglican Communion

Encouraged dioceses to urge their
congregations and institutions to pray for our
sisters and brothers in the Diocese of
Jerusalem and the Middle East; to visit the
Christian congregations in the Holy Land; to
receive visitors from the Holy Land; to work
for justice, peace, and reconciliation in the
Holy Land (A015).


Directed the Executive Council to urge
every Diocese to collect and document during
the next triennium detailed information in its
community on (a) the complicity of the
Episcopal Church in the institution of slavery
and in the subsequent history of segregation
and discrimination and (b) the economic
benefits the Episcopal Church derived from the
institution of slavery; and direct the Committee
on Anti-Racism to monitor this program and
report to Executive Council each year by
March 31 on the progress in each diocese



Authorized the Archives to proceed with
exploration of plans to possibly relocate on or
before January 1, 2010; to campaign for the
necessary funds and, if successful, establish
an endowment for maintenance of the
Archives; endorsed the Archives’ website and
the digital archives as an official site and
electronic archive of the church (A145).


Adopted Pastoral Leadership Search Effort
(PLSE) as an ongoing initiative and requested
PB&F to consider a budget allocation of
$385,906 (A089).

Endorsed statement of mission priorities (in
rank order: justice and peace, including
support of the Millennium Development

Goals; youth, young adults and children;
reconciliation and evangelism; ongregational
transformation and partnerships) for the
2007-09 triennium and directed the Joint
Standing Committee on Program, Budget &
Finance (PB&F) to use these priorities in
forming the Budget for the Episcopal Church

Adopted a $152 million budget for the next
triennium with new funding added to the
original proposal: $924,000 to respond to the
eight areas of emphasis in the Millennium
Development Goals by creating a
collaboration between Episcopal Relief and
Development, Jubilee Ministries and Executive
Council; $900,000 to fund a new Church
Center office to solicit major gifts for the
church; $300,000 to fund one of two
Hurricane Katrina-related resolutions before
Convention, which will develop a strategy for
a model missionary initiative in the New
Orleans area; $65,000 for a camp for
children of prisoners; and $21,000 for nonviolence

Clergy/Clergy Wellness

Approved a study of the optimum
mandatory resignation age for clergy in
collaboration with Church Pension Group,
along with the implications for pension
benefits Recognized need for an ongoing
program devoted to the wellness of families of
clergy and clergy, commended FOCUS for
creation of a resource guide coordinated
through the Office of Ministry Development

Requested the Standing Commission
on Ministry Development (SCMD), in
consultation with the Presiding Bishop, to
convene a task force to review the purpose
of the General Ordination Examinations
(GOE) (C036).

Communications / Technology

Endorsed a position of provincial
communication specialist for each of the nine
provinces, to assist the implementation of
the communication strategy of the church

Constitution / Canons

Amended Article VIII of the Constitution so
that a bishop may permit certain
renominations’ ordained ministers to officiate
on a temporary basis as an ordained minister
of this church (A021, first reading).

Amended the last sentence of Canon I.9.1
be amended to read as follows: “The Ninth
Province shall consist of the Dioceses of this
Church in Colombia, the Dominican Republic,
Ecuador, Honduras, Puerto Rico and
Venezuela” (A024).

Amended Canon IV.3.21(c) to include the
phrase “for an Offense of Doctrine” at the end
of clause c. pertaining to filing charges of
presentment against a bishop. (A031).

Directed Standing Commission on
Constitution and Canons to study the
definition and use in the Constitution and
Canons, and elsewhere in the Church, of the
term “canonical residence,” and make
recommendations to the 76th General
Convention whether the term should be
discontinued or modified, or whether some
alternative should be instituted (A034).
Amended Canon 1.2.2 to conform with Title III
canons on resignation age of the Presiding
Bishop to be 72 if that occurs before a term of
nine years has been completed (D010).

Amended Joint Rules of Order to provide
that resolutions requesting funding will be
unfunded if presented after the adoption of the
triennial budget (D013).

Ecumenical Relations

Approved a relationship of Interim Sharing
of the Eucharist between The United Methodist
Church and the Episcopal Church; and
development of a common life through
mutual prayer and support, study of the
respective church’s history and traditions, joint
programs and use of facilities (A055)

Ecclesiastical Discipline (Title IV)

Referred proposed changes to Title IV
disciplinary canons to a new task force
charged to perfect the work, focusing on the
values, ecclesiology, and theology of the
Church; moving Title IV towards a
reconciliation model for all appropriate
circumstances;encouraging the prompt
resolution of conflicts in the Church and the
reconciliation of persons involved; the
possible inclusion of certain Lay Persons in
Title IV whose office or other leadership role
makes inclusion appropriate; maintaining the
historic pastoral role and canonical authority
of Bishops; and respecting the roles, rights,
and integrity of those persons subject to Title
IV, and of injured persons, communities,
congregations, and the church. (A153)

Domestic Mission

Directed the Missions offices o to develop
new leadership programs and/or to endorse
existing leadership training programs for use
at the diocesan level which help bishops and
diocesan leadership in developing strategies,
quantifiable action plans and timelines for
accelerating their mission performance
(A038). Directed the Standing Commission
on Domestic Mission and Evangelism to
explore the possibility of a new definition for
“Missionary Dioceses” (A087).

Election and Consecration of Bishops

Consent to the Election of the Rev. William
Howard Love as Bishop Coadjutor of the
Diocese of Albany (D027) Consent to the
Election of the Rev. David M. Reed as Bishop
Suffragan of the Diocese of West Texas (D035)
Consent to the Election of the Rev. Steven T.
Ousley as Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of
East Michigan (D036) Consent to the
Election of the Right Rev. Marc H. Andrus as
Bishop Diocesan of the Diocese of California
(D037) Consent to the Election of the Rev.
Canon Barry L. Beisner as Bishop Coadjutor of
the Diocese of Northern California (D038)
Consent to the Election of the Venerable Dena
Harrison as Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of
Texas (D039)

Elections / Appointments

Elected the Rev. Dr. Gregory Straub as
Secretary of the House of Deputies (E003) and
Secretary of General Convention (E005).
Elected N. Kurt Barnes as Treasurer of General
Convention (E006).

Elected Bonnie Anderson as President of
the House of Deputies (E007).

Elected Bishop George E. Councell of New
Jersey and Bishop Michael Bruce Curry of
North Carolina, as trustees of the General
Theological Seminary (E009).

Elected to the General Board of Examining
Chaplains, Bishop William O. Gregg, Oregon
(six-year term); Sandra D. Michael, Rebecca

D. Snow, Peter W. Williams (six-year term):
the Rev. Dr. Katharine C. Black; the Rev. Dr.
Mark R. Kowalewski, the Rev. Juan A.
Quevedo-Bosch (priest, sixyear terms); the
Rev. Canon Stephen Holmgren, the Rev. Dr.
Vesta Kowalski, the Rev. Dr. Richard D. McCall
(faculty, six-year term) (E010).
Elected the Rev. Brian N. Prior as Vice
President of the House of Deputies (E015).

Elected Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori as
the 26th Presiding Bishop (E017).

Elected to the Court for the Trial of a
Bishop until 2015 bishops George Wayne
Smith of Missouri, Gordon Paul Scruton of
Western Massachusetts and Catherine M.
Waynick of Indianapolis;and elected to the
Court of Review for the Trial of a Bishop until
2015 bishops Michael Bruce Curry of North
Carolina, Don E. Johnson of West Tennessee
and Wayne P. Wright, Bishop of Delaware

Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold appointed
Bishop Mark L. MacDonald of Alaska as the
Assisting Bishop of The Navajoland Area
Mission effective July 1, 2006 upon the
resignation of The Rt. Rev. Rustin R. Kimsey


Recognized that the use of fossil fuels
harms air quality and public health and is
contributing to changes in the global climate;
affirmed that the Christian response to global
warming is a deeply moral and spiritual issue;
reaffirmed previous Convention resolutions
and urged the church to consider prayerfully
whether to partner with Interfaith Power and
Light (C018).


Called for establishing a Church Planting
Initiative to raise funds for new congregations,
and called for every diocese to identify and
document prime opportunites for church
planting including new college campus
missions and communicate findings to the
Office of Congregational Development by June
30, 2007. (A042)

General Convention

Agreed to consider Charlotte, North
Carolina; New Orleans, Louisiana;
Indianapolis, Indiana; and Kansas City,
Missouri for the 77th General Convention
(A001). Rejected a constraint on dates for
scheduling on future dates of General
Convention (A046).


Authorized the continuation of the
Executive Council Standing Committee on HIV/
AIDS for the next triennium (A131).

Authorized the Communication Office to
collaborate with the National Episcopal AIDS
Coalition (NEAC) in producing a working
group of interested parties to design, fund and
implement a campaign to raise awareness
about the continuing HIV pandemic (A133).

Hurricane Response

Directed the Episcopal Church Center staff,
committees, ERD and CPG to develop a
strategy for a model missionary initiative in
collaboration with the bishop of Lousiana,
including both evangelism and service for
New Orleans and Louisiana Gulf Shore;
encouraged dioceses go provide missionary
teams for this initiative; and allocated
$100,000 for a coordinator’s office in

Louisiana. (B011)

"Lesser Feast & Fasts" / Church Calendar

Entered Florence Li Tim-Oi, Janani Luwum,
Philander Chase, William Temple and Clive
Staples Lewis in the Calendar of the Church
Year (BCP, p. 15-30) and in future revisions of
“Lesser Feasts and Fasts” (A059).

Referred date change for Harriet Tubman
Commemoration to the Standing Commission
on Liturgy and Music during the preparation
of the new revision of”Lesser Feasts and Fasts”

Directed the Standing Commission on
Liturgy and Music to consider the
commemoration of the Dorchester Chaplains
as an addition to the Calendar of the Church
Year (B008).

Added the commemoration of the Martyrs
of Sudan as an addition to the Calendar of
the Church Year on May 16 (C003).

Added Supreme Court Justice Thurgood
Marshall to the Calendar of the Church Year
on May 17 (C016). Added Joan of Arc to the
Calendar of the Church Year on May 30
(C034). Added the Confession of Martha to
the Calendar of the Church Year on April

Added the following to the Calendar of the
Church year: January 8 Harriet Bedell,
Deaconess and Missionary, 1969;
February 28 Anna Julia Heyward Cooper,
Educator, 1964; March 13 James Theodore
Holly, Bishop of Haiti and Dominican
Republic, 1911 (or November 8); March 24
Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador,
1980, and The Martyrs of El Salvador; April 7
Tikhon, Patriarch of Russia and Confessor ,
1925;October 10 Vida Dutton Scudder,
Educator and Witness for Peace, 1954;
December 30 Frances Joseph-Gaudet,

Educator and Prison Reformer, 1934 (A063)

Added Genocide Remembrance Day to the
Calendar of the Church Year on April 24


Authorized, for inclusion in “Lesser Feasts
and Fasts,” a Common for Space Exploration,
as the Commission’s response to Resolution
2003-D049 adopted by the 74th General
Convention (A062).

Mission & Evangelism & 20/20

Acknowledged the report of the Joint
Commission on Domestic Mission and
Evangelism which states that the Episcopal
Church “may be in systemic decline” (Blue
Book, Page 103), asked for the Office of
Mission and the Standing Commission on
Domestic Mission and Evangelism to initiate a
national consultation on methods and
strategies to identify best practices to reverse
the decline in mainline denominations and
recommend strategies to the 76th General
Convention (B023).

Executive Council

Elected Bishop David A. Alvarez of Puerto
Rico and Bishop J. Jon Bruno of Los Angeles
to Executive Council for six-year terms (E008).


Received “The Alien Among You,” Blue
Book report of the Standing Commission on
Anglican and International Peace with Justice
Concerns; addressed other issues concerning
the plight of refugees, immigrants, and
migrants (A017).

Justice/Peace Issues

Reaffirmed the right of workers in the
United States to organize and form unions,
especially seasonal and migrant workers; and
commend the work of Interfaith Worker Justice

Supported the Episcopal Network for
Economic Justice in its facilitation of the
training of congregations in economic justice
and requested a budget allocation of $7,000
annually for training in economic justice


Rejected development of intergenerational
worship resources (A103).

Millennium Development
Goals / Economic Development

Received and affirmed “Call to Partnership,”
the communiqu? presented to the United
Nations Summit by participants in the
Consultation of Religious Leaders on Global
Poverty, commended the work of achieving
the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
and the work of the church’s officers,
dioceses, congregations, baptized members,
and Episcopal Relief and Development in
undertaking and supporting partnerships for
global development in impoverished countries
and called for the work’s expansion o (A010).

Established working toward the
achievement of the Millennium Development
Goals as a mission priority for the coming
triennium, and urged each diocese,
congregation and parishioner to commit to

0.7 percent giving toward the goals by July
7, 2007 (07/07/07); endorsed The ONE
Campaign, the U.S. movement for the MDGs,
through the Episcopal
Church’s ONE Episcopalian campaign;
called on all to join the ONE Episcopalian
campaign and endorse The ONE Campaign’s
call for the United States government to
annually spend an additional one percent of
its budget to combat global poverty (D022).


Directed the Standing Commission on
Liturgy and Music to collect and develop
materials to assist members of the Church to
address anti-Jewish prejudice expressed in
and stirred by portions of Christian scriptures
and liturgical texts, with suggestions for
preaching, congregational education, and
lectionary use; and to report to the 76th
General Convention (C001).

Endorsed continuation of the Leadership
Program for Musicians Serving Small
Congregations (LPM) (A079).

Directed the Standing Commission on
Liturgy and Music to develop liturgies, which
recognize and celebrate ministry in daily life,
for inclusion in the next edition of the “Book of
Occasional Services” with a report to the next
Convention (A088).

Provided for continuation of resolution
2003-A092, to be expanded to include both
theological rationale for multi-sensory worship
and training opportunities for those in the
hurch who wish to introduce elements of
multi-sensory worship in their liturgy (A066).
Directed the Standing Commission on Liturgy
and Music to continue development of liturgical
materials for inclusion in the “Enriching Our
Worship” series (A069).

Directed the Standing Commission on
Liturgy and Music to develop liturgical
materials for inclusion in the “Enriching Our
Worship” series for the pastoral issues in the
context of the adoption of children (A070).

Directed the Standing Commission on
Liturgy and Music to create additional
resources in the areas of Burial of the Dead
and Reconciliation of a Penitent for inclusion
in the “Enriching Our Worship” series (A071).

Directed the Standing Commission on
Liturgy and Music to gather a collection of
music to broaden the cultural breadth of the
music of the church; to make native-language
materials available to non-English speaking
worshiping communities; directed the
Standing Commission to appoint a committee
to oversee the collection of this music (A072).

Directed the Standing Commission on
Liturgy and Music to continue the work begun
in the Praise and World Music Hymnal
Supplement project (A073).

Authorized continuing use of Enriching
our Worship Volume 1: The Daily Office, Great
Litany, and Eucharist
, and Enriching Our
Worship Volume 2: Ministry with the Sick and
Dying, and Burial of a Child
, during the next
triennium, under the direction of the diocesan
bishop or ecclesiastical authority (A074).

Authorized the rite for “The Renewal of
Ministry with the Welcome of a New Rector,” to
be included in the Enriching our Worship
series, and changed proposed liturgies from
pages 185-187 of the Blue Book (A075).

Authorized use of Proposed Burial Rites for
Adults, to be added to the "Enriching our
series, for the next triennium, under
the direction of the diocesan bishop or
ecclesiastical authority, and changed second
prayer, middle of the page from the “Blue
Book” report, page 204 (A076).

Directed that the Revised Common
Lectionary shall be the Lectionary of this
Church, amending the Lectionary on pp. 889921
of The Book of Common Prayer, effective
the First Sunday of Advent, 2007; with the
provision for continued use of the previous
Lectionary for purposes of orderly transition,
with the permission of the ecclesiastical
authority, until the First Sunday of Advent
2010 (A077) encouraged use of the liturgical
resources in the Enriching Our Worship
series as appropriate for Sunday worship



Called upon the Executive Council and
dioceses to affirm vital importance of college
and university ministries; encouraged
recognition of campus ministries with
canonical status as mission congregations,
when appropriate (A041).

Amended Canon III.5 through III.23 to
create standard but flexible timeframes for
those seeking ordination to the diaconate or
priesthood, amending how the Episcopal
Church receives clergy from other churches,
and requiring mentoring and continuing
education for bishops. (A082)


Provided funding toward cross-cultural and
international experience for seminarians


Designated the Economic Justice Loan
Committee and the Episcopal Council on
Indigenous Ministries (ECIM) as committees of
Executive Council (A108).

Designated the Committee on Social
Responsibility in Investments (SRI) as a
committee of Executive Council and provided
it with an official mandate that was
paraphrased closely from its description in the
Executive Council Handbook. (A109).

Directed the Standing Commission on
National Concerns to investigate issues
relating to criminal justice in the United States
and church ministry within the criminal justice
system (A111).

Requested all CCABs to evaluate suggested
changes for placement within church structure
and report one year before the 76th General
Convention; charged Standing Commission
on the Structure of the Church to review and
correct the defined terms for CCABs and to
propose structural changes to the CCAB
system; to study and recommend to the next
Convention any proposed changes to the
Preamble of the Constitution regarding the
‘official’ name of this church, with attention to
being inclusive of our overseas dioceses and
parishes; charged the Standing Commission
on the Structure of the Church to review, study
and recommend to the next Convention
resolutions concerning changes to the
Presiding Bishop nomination/election process

Adopted a proposal to standardize the size
of standing commissions to 12 people, three
bishops, three priests or deacons and six lay
persons (A104). Authorized the creation of a
Standing Commission on Lifelong Christian
Education and Formation to develop and
recommend policies for children, youth,
adults, and seniors for lifelong Christian
formation (A105).

Small Churches

Directed the Office of Congregational
Development to compile resources to promote
vitality of mission and ministry in small
congregations and communicate, disseminate
and provide access to the larger church in a
variety of formats; to develop and implement
innovative ways of collecting and telling
stories of vitality in mission and ministry
occurring in small congregations (A098).


Built on resolution D033 (2003), urged the
Episcopal Church to commit to the well-being
of others, society, and the world by taking a
leadership role in making the church a safe,
skilled place in which to help people address
the serious issues of debt, greed, hyper-
consumerism, and cultural pressures which
encourage people to spend beyond their
means (A102).

Windsor Report

Committed to being in communion with the
Archbishop of Canterbury, and to a vision of
interdependent life in Christ, characterized by
forbearance, trust, and respect, and
commend the Windsor Report and process as
a means of deepening our understanding of
that commitment (A159)

Expressed its regret for straining the bonds
of affection in the events surrounding the
General Convention of 2003 and the
consequences which followed (A160)

Commended the Delegated Episcopal
Pastoral Oversight process for those who are
unable to receive appropriate pastoral care
from their own bishops , and urged continued
maintenance of historic diocesan boundaries
and authority of diocesan bishops, and
respect for the historical relationships of the
separate and autonomous Provinces of the
Anglican Communion (A163)

Commended the Windsor Report and the
report’s discernment process, and committed
to participating fully and openly in it at both
the local level and with the rest of the
Communion. (A165)

Supported the process for developing an
Anglican Covenant that underscores our unity
in faith, order, and common life in the service
of God’s mission; directed the International
Concerns Standing Committee of the Executive
Council and the Episcopal Church’s members
of the Anglican Consultative Council to follow
the development processes of an Anglican
Covenant in the Communion, and to report
regularly to the Executive Council as well as
to the 76th General Convention. (A166)

Reaffirmed that reaffirm that gay and
lesbian persons are by Baptism full members
of the Body of Christ and of The Episcopal
Church; reiterated its apology to its gay and
lesbian members for years of rejection and
maltreatment by the Church; and pledged to
include openly gay and lesbian persons on
every committee, commission or task force
developed for the specific purpose of
discussing issues about sexuality and request
the same of our sister churches in the
Anglican Communion and Anglican
Communion bodies (A167)

Received and embraced The Windsor
Report’s invitation to engage in a process of
healing and reconciliation; and called upon
Standing Committees and bishops with
jurisdiction to exercise restraint by not
consenting to the consecration of any
candidate to the episcopate whose manner of
life presents a challenge to the wider church
and will lead to further strains on
communion. (B033)

Affirmed that no resolution of the General
Convention is intended to affect either the
historic separate and independent status of
the churches of the Anglican Communion or
the legal identity of The Episcopal Church


Youth, children and young adults

Directed the Office of Anglican and Global
Relations, in collaboration with the Office of
Ministries with Young People, to develop
resources for the pastoral care and vocational
formation of participants in the Young Adult
Service Corps; increased number of annual
placements from ten to fifteen per year

Endorsed the National Council of Churches
(NCC) comprehensive policy statement,
entitled The Church and Children: Vision and

Goals for the 21st Century Policy (B018)

Directed future General Conventions to
provide age appropriate care and programs
for children ages birth to 12 years.(D059)


A resource developed by the Office of Communications, Diocese of Chicago. Sources include the Office
of General Convention online legislative report, and the June 21, 2006 issue of the Convention Dail

This list is an unofficial summary of
final concurrences on legislation
before Convention and is incomplete. The Office of General
Convention will be publishing a
full account of actions on resolutions later in 2006. To view the
status of legislation go to

* With grateful thanks to the Diocese of Chicago for this summary.


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