This area includes CHURCH & SMALL COMMUNITIES committee which typically does not have a lot of legislation (one or two resolutions) but spends a good bit of time discussing the issues facing dioceses with many rural communities and small towns. It is good to share ideas with others from dioceses that have a lot in common with ours.

THURSDAY June 15 - [ENS] The Committee on SOCIAL & URBAN AFFAIRS, during its June 15 hearing, heard passionate testimony on four resolutions focused on slavery and reparations.

"We hope to embark on a new journey one that involves the Episcopal Church as an institution, confronting its institutional racism," said John Vanderstar, deputy from the Diocese of Washington, and a member of Executive Council. "I'm talking specifically about the church's participation in the ugly sin of racism."

Discussion was centered around four resolutions;
focusing on slavery and reconciliation;
studying the "complicity" of the church in the Institution of slavery and how "recompense" can be made;
from the Diocese of New York requesting the establishment of a commission to research the history of any complicity of the church and several dioceses in slavery and any necessary steps to make reparations; and
C011 proposing a task force of the Executive Council to study, document and report on the enslavement of Africans and their descendants.

The Film TRACES OF THE TRADE about the involvement of the Episcopal Church and other Northern areas in the slave trade, was screened in pre-release for the Convention.

The committee was also asked to consider A127 which would endorse of the concept of restorative justice as a "fresh means" of achieving "wholeness" in the church.


Resolution D-011 (Prison Ministery). Our delegate, Elizabeth Tattersall reports [5:30 Wednesday, June 14] - "I just talked with Brad Drell, who spent yesterday shepherding this through a committee. The resolution has been simplified from the original, and they are now asking for less money, with an emphasis on ministry, rather than advocacy. It is now going to the committee on national concerns"

WHAT WITNESS WILL WE MAKE? by Steven Charleston (EDS)


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