WEDNESDAY June 15: - The Evangelism Committee considered a substitute resolution for A038, "A Diocesan Development Initiative," that would direct the Convention's presiding officers, Executive Council and staff of the Episcopal Church Center to develop new resources, endorse existing programs and encourage dioceses to share best practices in organizational development and leadership training. A revised version will be considered June 16 at the morning meeting of the committee

TUESDAY MORNING June 13 -Church growth and funding were the focal points of the Evangelism Committee's first meeting June 12. The richness of a diverse population includes people of different class backgrounds as well as race and age, one deputy told members of the committee. Others encouraged the committee to acknowledge the importance of growing the Episcopal Church (TEC) beyond the borders of the U.S. within the pending resolutions as well as to specifically articulate how funding will be made available for new church plants.

One speaker suggested an increase in the use of endowment funds from five percent to 5.2 percent to provide more than $400,000 for development staff for TEC, noting that it had been 25 years since the TEC has had a major fundraising campaign.


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