DeLaney Armstead from Nevada
represents Province 8 on this Committee

Ecumenical and interfaith work is important to the churchfor a simple reason: "Jesus said we should do this -- we should be one so that the world may believe. It's not unity for unity's sake. Anything that takes a step towards moving beyond the divisions of Christianity is one that's worth taking." - Tom Ferguson, (The Episcopal Church's associate deputy for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations)

TUESDAY, June 20 --

Concordat with Philippine Independent Church signed

THURSDAY, June 15 -- Resolutions being considered:

A054: "Ecumenical Participation inOrdinations" -- A054 is based on discussions of the Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on
Ecumenical Relations (IASCER), which produced guidelines in 2004 "in
response to many requests and much confusion" for bishops and priests who
are invited to participate in ordinations outside of the Anglican Communion.
The House of Bishops adopted the resolution with amendment June 13.

A056: "Interreligious Relations." -- A056 invites the Episcopal Church to engage in interreligious dialogue. The resolution has moved out of committee and will be addressed by the House of Bishops soon.


WEDNESDAY, June 14 - The committee engaged in animated discussion about relations with other faiths. Resolution A056 invites the Episcopal Church to engage in interreligious dialogue.

Discussion centered on how the resolution presents the Christian beliefs and how that might affect conversation with people of other faiths. Discussion on A056 will continue at the 2 p.m. committee meeting, Hyatt Regency, room Delaware D. For text, see

The committee also considered resolution A055 (, which calls for interim Eucharistic sharing with the United Methodist Church. The resolution is one step in an ongoing process which may lead, in time, to full communion between the Episcopal Church and the UMC.

After hearing the concerns and stories of several deputies to General Convention, the resolution was approved and will be sent to the House of Bishops.


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