Larry Kirk and Jocelyn Tichnor from Nevada
represent Province 8 on this Committee

MONDAY, June 19 - We had PB&F present the budget today.

The ad campaign appears to have been cut entirely going forward and the money reallocated to mission work (in keeping with the reordering of the spending priorities adopted early in Convention.)

The provincial communicators network funding was cut by $81,000 (of $150,000asking).

The budget for the Standing Commission on Episcopal Church Communications was cut to $0.00 The notes said that since there is to be one large meta meeting this fall, we could do ourwork there.

AO22 has been referred by Communications Committee to SCECC.The existing canon will remain in effect and we'll get a chance to
work carefully through just what we think ought to happen to allowall the bodies of the Church to be able to share what they are doing
and when. - Nick Knisely


THURSDAY, June 15 -House of Bishops today concurred on resolution A052 to endorse positions of provincial communications specialist for each of the nine provinces in the Episcopal Church. This now only awaits funding.

We voted in Deputies to approve "Open Data Formats", "Best Practices and Tech Working Groups", "Provincial Tech specialists" and the modified "Commission mandate."We've got a couple more resolutions to deal with in the morning. Hopefully the Bishops will concur with the House of Deputies. - Nick Knisely

TUESDAY, June 13 - (A report from Nick Knisely, Chair of the Standing Commission on Communications)

We met this morning in the Communications Legislative Committee and were able to work our way completely though our existing legislative docket.

All of the SCECC proposed resolutions have been accepted by the committee and passed on to to be voted on by the full House of
Deputies and the House of Bishops. The reworked mandate for the Standing Commission was tweaked a bit but really just on style

The resolution on Best Practices and the formation of consulting groups to make tech decisions was also tweaked
stylistically but not really substantively. We did make clear that the consulting groups would be task based, and not yet another
interim standing body. I don't know if the new form of the resolution has been posted yet or not... The best practices part was
strongly supported by everyone in the room.

The [resolution] calling on the church to move to open, published data formats was made stronger. I was delighted that both the Archivist of the Episcopal Church and the IT lead for the Pension Group wre present specifically to strongly support this resolution. It passed the committee and was sent on to the Houses with the recommendation that it be adopted. CPG also asked us to include a requirement that all proprietary data schemas used in-house in denominational bodies be fully published, and we added language to that effect.

I've not heard from PB&F if there were any questions about our budget request.

It looks like A022 is going to be referred to Communications so we'll have a chance to work on it and bit. Since the resolution on using electronic means to support meetings was passed without discussion in committee this morning, I don't think there's much interest in the legislative committee to support A022's call to remove the reporting requirement for CCBA's


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