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You can buy anything and learn about everything.
There are people hawking all manner of wares.
There are groups spanning the whole range of theology and ideology.
It's a great way to see what people in our church
care about (and what they like to buy).
Scott (Rhode Island)

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...Somebody asked me today to write about what the exhibit hall is like. Actually, it is quite interesting and fun. It is sort of like a higher-end version of the state fair. There is a lot of meeting, greeting, and laughter. And, where else can one go to buy Amish fudge, register to win airline tickets to Europe, make a hole-in-one putt for a prize, pick up a bunch of freebie pens, and apply to Harvard Divinity School all under one roof?...Kathy Copa - Indianapolis

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In an effort to share the witness of LGBT persons with the church and the wider communion, Integrity recently partnered with the Claiming the Blessing Collaborative (which served popcorn in their booth during Convention) in the production of "Voices of Witness," a DVD telling the stories of gays and lesbians in the Episcopal Church.
The DVD's producer/director Louise Brooks said, "In our screenings, we have seen that this DVD helps viewers put faces to the issue of gay and lesbian equality in the church."
Complimentary copies of the DVD Voices of Witness are available at the Claiming the Blessing Booth #23 & 24 in the Exhibit Hall or by going to www.integrityusa.org.

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