EfM (Education for Ministry)...is part of the School of Theology which is part of The University of the South.

The University is owned by 28 dioceses of the Episcopal Church. The entire institution is dedicated to providing exceptional education for undergraduates, those preparing for the priesthood, and those seeking formation for lay ministry.

EfM, the School of Theology & Sewanee, are bound together by the mission of the Church. We are connected by our confession that Christ is Lord and our commitment to follow him in faithful ministry. In our faith journey we are also ecumenical.

EfM students are Anglicans and Lutherans, Episcopalians and Disciples, Methodists and Quakers. We have students who like to be called liberals and some who claim to be quite conservative. Some are clergy, some are lay, some are straight while some are gay. EfM students come from around the globe, manifesting God’s great diversity.

The challenge I offer is this: consider all that connects you to the rest of humanity. Focus not on what is different about you and your neighbor; rather celebrate the goodness you share. Don’t concentrate on the divisions facing the world and the Church, but offer prayers of thankfulness for the Savior that draws us near.

Don’t spend precious energy criticizing what you believe to be wrong, but think theologically about how you might be called to make things better. God,who reconciled us to God through Christ, has given us the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor 5:18).

The Rev. Johnna R. Camp
Interim Director, Education for Ministry
The University of the South
EfM Program
Sewanee, TN 37383-0001

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