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Revision of October 12, 2002

Article I: Name and Boundaries of the Diocese.

This Diocese shall be known as "The Episcopal Diocese of Nevada" and shall embrace all the congregations of the Episcopal Church within the state of Nevada and that part of Arizona comprising of Bullhead City.

Article II: Incorporation of the Diocese.

The Diocese shall be incorporated under the laws of the State of Nevada as "The Episcopal Diocese of Nevada."

Article III: Conformity.

The Episcopal Diocese of Nevada, as a constituent part of and in communion with the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, also known as The Episcopal Church, accedes to the Constitution and Canons of the Church and the authority of the General Convention of the same.

Article IV: The Diocesan Convention.

Section 1: The legislative powers of the Diocese are vested in an Annual Convention whose members shall be the clergy and laity of the Diocese.

Section 2: The Convention shall meet at least annually at such times and places as may be prescribed by Canon.

Section 3: The composition of the Convention, the manner of selection and tenure of the members thereof shall be specified by Canon.

Section 4: The Convention shall have the following powers to be exercised in the manner prescribed by this Constitution and Canons:
a) To elect the Bishop of the Diocese; to elect a Bishop Coadjutor; and elect one or more Suffragan Bishops.

b) To elect all such officers, boards and committees of the Diocese as may be provided for in the Canons and in the manner prescribed therein.

c) To confirm appointments made by the Bishop when so provided by the Canons.

d) To approve, amend or disapprove the budget.

e) To determine and provide for assessments, quotas, apportionments, and askings from the churches of the Diocese and to provide for the financing of diocesan activities.

f) To amend this Constitution and adopt and amend the Canons.

g) To admit any parish congregation into union with the Church and to determine the status of every congregation in union with the Church. (Amended 1982).

h) To established such others powers as may be necessary and proper to fulfill the purposes and policies, both religious and temporal, of the Diocese.

Section 5: The Convention shall deliberate as one body, and vote as such, except in the election of a Bishop or when a vote by orders is required by the Constitution and Canons of the National Church.

Section 6: The Bishop shall be the presiding officer of the Convention. In the absence of the Bishop, the presiding officers shall be in the order named: a) the Bishop Coadjutor; b) the Senior Suffragan Bishop; c) President of the Standing Committee.

Section 7: Other officers of the Convention shall be prescribed by Canon.

Section 8: A quorum of the Convention, except in the case of the election of a Bishop, shall consist of a majority of the clergy and a majority of the lay representatives entitled to representation at the Convention. (See Canon VIII).

Article V: The Ecclesiastical Authority.

Section 1: The Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese shall be vested in and exercised by the Bishop and the Standing Committee in accordance with the Constitution and Canons of the National Church.

Section 2: The Bishop shall have and exercise all of the powers vested in the Bishop by the Constitution and Canons of the National Church and by the Constitution and Canons of this Diocese.

Section 3: As Ordinary the Bishop shall have original jurisdiction over all ecclesiastical causes and matters.

ARTICLE VI: Standing Committee.

The Standing Committee required by the Constitution of the National Church shall consist of not less than three (3) presbyters, and not less that three (3) lay communicants in good standing in the diocese. The lay and clerical members shall be elected by the annual convention as provided by Canon. The Bishop shall have seat and voice in all meetings of the Standing Committee but not vote.

ARTICLE VII: Diocesan Council.

Section 1: There shall be a Diocesan Council formed and constituted in the manner specified by Canon.

Section 2: The Bishop shall be president of the Diocesan Council. The Council shall select such other officers as may be specified by Canon.

Section 3: The Diocesan Council shall, between meetings of the Convention, have full power and authority to act for the Convention in all matters not expressly reserved to the Convention.
ARTICLE VIII: Election of a Bishop.

Section 1: The election of a Bishop, Bishop Coadjutor or Suffragan Bishop for the diocese shall be by the Annual Convention or by special Convention called for that purpose.

Section 2: A Bishop, Bishop Coadjutor or Suffragan Bishop shall be election by a concurrent majority vote of the clergy and laity, the two orders voting separately.

Section 3: Nominations for the Office of Bishop shall be made in accordance with the requirements of the Canons. (See Canon VIII).

ARTICLE IX: Amendments to the Constitution.

Section 1: This constitution may be altered or amended by a majority vote of the Convention at two successive annual conventions.

Section 2: No proposed amendment to this Constitution shall be voted on unless it shall have been submitted to the Secretary of Convention at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of the meeting of Convention.

Section 3: Upon receipt of any proposed amendment to this Constitution within the time above specified, the Secretary of Convention shall cause copies thereof to be sent to each Parish congregation entitled to representation in Convention at least thirty (30) day prior to the meeting of Convention.

Certified as adopted by the Convention of the Diocese of Nevada April 15, 1971.

/s/ William G. Wright
Bishop of Nevada

/s/ Carl N. Tamblyn
Secretary of Convocation


Amendments were adopted on first reading by the Convention of the Diocese of Nevada on May 2, 1982, and on second reading April 9, 1983.


/s/ Wesley Frensdorff
Bishop of Nevada

/s/ Jim D. McGrew
Secretary of Convention

Amendments were adopted on the first reading by the Convention of the Diocese of Nevada on October 12, 2002 and on second reading _____________.


The Rt. Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori
Bishop of Nevada

JoAnn Roberts Armstead
Secretary to Convention