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Deb Stiver, St. Paul's Sparks
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[These 2 areas were explored at 17 Focus Groups around the Diocese, and individual answers sent by eMail, to the same questions, in January, 2007. The characteristics under each question are a compilation of what was heard by members of the Search Committee]



  • The congregations believe that the total ministry concept is working well in the diocese; parishes are able to accomplish their individual goals and missions without the “micromanagement” from Diocesan staff.
  • Communication throughout the Diocese is better than it has ever been.
      • Mission District meetings facilitate positive communication.
      • There is more of a sense of positive communication between the parishes in the northern and southern regions of the state.
      • We should continue to explore creative ways of communicating throughout the Diocese.
  • The Diocesan office (leadership and staff) is providing better support to the parishes than in the past.
  • We as parishioners are being asked “what we want”.
  • We see improved fellowship within and among parishes.
  • Outreach to the community, within the parish, and between parishes has improved.
  • Sharing of clergy resources is seen as beneficial throughout the Diocese.


  • Bob Nelson near Hawthorne
    Sometimes communicating in our
    Diocese can be challenging. Canon
    Bob Nelson goes the second mile...
    Communication within the Diocese still needs to improve. The level of satisfaction varies among the parishes regarding the communication of information from the Diocesan staff.
      • Diocesan web pages are outdated and not as beneficial to parishioners as they should be.
  • There is dissatisfaction with the level of involvement of youth in most parishes within the Diocese – we need to grow that component of our Church – get youth back into the Church.
      • The following are seen as significant factors in the lack of youth involvement:
        • Lack of adequate youth programs
        • Lack of the sharing of ideas among parishes about strategies that do and do not work
  • Diocesan finances are questioned both from the perspective of insufficient support from the Diocesan office to the parishes and from a lack of understanding of what the parishes are “getting back” from the financial support that they give to the Diocese.
  • The education programs for clergy and laity in the Diocese are not sufficient.
  • Galilee is under utilized and the infrastructure is inadequate.