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Barbara Lewis with her student in Kenya Bonnie Polley in Food Pantry at Christ Church, Las Vegas

The Diocesan Council began work in January 2006 on a long-term Strategic Plan . The plan identified several areas to guide the diocese for planning purposes and budgeting.


Key areas listed are below (in no particular order):


Leadership development/equipping the saints


2006 Clergy Conference with The Rev. Helen McPeek



Provide Leadership Formation for clergy and laity using a variety of communication techniques


Continue and expand using Fresh Start curriculum for clergy


Develop regional educational opportunities







Church growth and outreach


African Chri9stian Fellowship, Las Vegas


Areas of Marketing/Advertising


Multi-cultural awareness and ethnic congregations - especially Hispanic Missioner


Church planting strategies tailored to Nevada and locations for planting





Social justice awareness and response


Continue Millennium Development Goal funding and awareness at Diocesan and Parish level.


Encourage parishes to have projects outside the congregation.


Re-emphasize the ministry of deacons and provide a deacon's forum for social awareness.






Well-running youth program




Continue the work of the youth council with strategic planning for youth activities.


Provide assistance and guidance to churches for youth activities in congregations






In January 2007, the Council discussed the need for an added specific area to look at Stewardship, with an emphasis on looking at the diocesan asking policy and grant writing.  

The Council is continuing to refine the strategic plan.  Areas being worked on are:  identifying short, medium, and long-term goals; prioritizing goals for budgeting; setting identifiable progress indicators; determining mechanisms for council and diocesan staff to implement and track progress; and providing a way to make adjustments to the plan based on changing needs.