Preparing for MINNEAPOLIS 2003
The General Convention of the Episcopal Church

The GENERAL CONVENTION of the Episcopal Church meets every 3 years in a place chosen by the previous Convention. The next meeting is in Minneapolis, MN, July 30 to August 8, 2003. This is the official legislative body for the Episcopal Church and is the largest democratic assembly in the United States outside the U.S. Congress. It is composed of two houses: BISHOPS and DEPUTIES. The House of Deputies is composed of elected representatives from each Diocese of the Church and includes both clergy and lay members. The House of Bishops is composed of all the Bishops of the Church, active and retired.

Prayer to be used Daily for the General Convention:

O God, Grant your blessing on all Who join in the General Convention, By your Spirit Give them grace to listen And grace to speak. Help them/us to discover Where you are leading this church. Give us all a unity in mission That will enable the church By its life and witness To fulfill the ministry You have entrusted to us, Through Jesus Christour Lord. Amen

-- From Anglican Fellowship of Prayer

Representatives to the House of Deputies from the Diocese of Nevada include:

The Rev. Britt Olson
The Rev. Ken Curtis
The Rev. Elizabeth Tattersall
The Ven. Eric V. Heidecker
The Ven. Richard Henry
Larry Kirk
Ginny Hastings
Betty-Jean Cousins
Mildred Springer

Our representative to the House of Bishops is The Right Reverend Katharine Jefferts Schori.

Interesting Facts About General Convention

Information on the General Convention

Would you like to know what the bishops and deputies to the Triennial General Convention of the Episcopal Church are talking about? There is an ongoing dialog in process which includes stories, in-house "gossip," discussion about money and mission and lawsuits and legislation and politics. We are distilling helpful comments from this dialog and posting, with the permission of the authors, those comments we feel will be helpful to increase understanding of the issues and broaden perspective on topics covered. To read some of these, VISIT OUR LIST OF TOPICS.

Tom Woodward, Salinas, California

Episcopal Life produces Convention Daily at the General Convention and offers Episcopalians who do not plan to attend convention an opportunity to buy a set of the nine issues. Doreen Younglove at 1-800-334-7626, ext. 6321 is handling all inquiries from subscribers.

The democratic foundation of the Episcopal Church is one of its great strengths, . . . a strength that needs to be upheld by all its members. The beauty of our Constitution and Canons is its resemblance to the United States Constitution -- not surprising since some of the same men were involved in the writing of both. Through the process of election by congregations of their representatives to diocesan convention/council and by the convention/council election of its representatives to general convention, the voices of the people of the Church are heard, and the decisions made represent the points of view of the majority of the Church's members.

July 17 - I echo your thoughts on the perspective of long-time experience. This will be my 10th in the House of Deputies, following 2 in the Triennial, and I surely know that there is much to learn from the committee hearings and the debate on the floor.

It becomes clear that it's people and not abstract thoughts that we're responding to, and the Spirit becomes a wonderful prod to making the right choices -- sometimes the ones you thought you would make, but sometimes not. I think that's one of the beauties of our democratic Church, it allows one room to move and grow. Marge Christie, Newark NJ

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