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Northwest Mission District Meeting
Galilee, May 12, 2007

  1. The meeting was convened by Dennis Cocking and participants introduced themselves.
  2. Parish Highlights:
  3. St Catherine's:
  4.     50-55 Average attendance at services.
  5.     115 in attendance at Easter.
  6.     Adult education is ongoing.
  7.     Children's education program is forming.
  8.     $12,000 in bank and all bills current.
  9.     Presbyterians  active in parish and contributing to stewardship.
  10.     No office yet, still using cell phone and PO Box.
  11.     A story regarding parish formation is upcoming.
  12. St John's:
    1. Columbarium parts are on site.
    2. Rev Elizabeth Tattersall will take a sabbatical this summer.
    3. Basement renovation is being planned and a grant has been applied for.
  13. St Patrick's:
    1. A grant has been received for Ron Peterson/millennium goals.
    2. A Christian/Jewish Discussion will be held June 16 at the Incline Village Public Library using “Gifts of the Jews” and “Desires of the Everlasting Hills” by Tom Cahill.
  14. St Stephen's:
    1. Ecopalians had booth at Earth Day and signed up 23 people to be notified of future activities.
    2. Approximately 8 families are participating in the Great Bain Food Basket CSA.
    3. Eric Hanson is leading a group exploring development of the unused portion of the church site.
  15. Trinity:
    1. A grant has been received to upgrade church facilities to conform with ADA.
    2. The Diocesan mission statement, profile and Bishop search are all available on the Diocesan web site.
    3. Anticipated calling of new rector is in January.
    4. Safe Church training was held in March and well attended.  Diversity training has not yet been scheduled.
    5. Kathy Hopner will be hired jointly by Trinity/St. Paul's
  16. St. Paul's:
    1. Interviewing finalist for new rector.
    2. Held “Taco Fiesta” fund raiser day of meeting.
  17. St. Peter's:
    1. Church has been painted.
    1. 270 Campers last summer.  41 Adult/Child camps attended.  20 Inmate's children attended.
    2. 20 non-diocesan groups used camp.
    3. Contracted for an executive director for this summer.
    4. Frendsdorf House to be completed and used as director's residence and business office.
    5. After permits for house have been received workdays will be scheduled.
    6. Recent bequest was discussed.
  19. Diocesan Council Update:
    1. A Strategic Plan is under development to be used in directing budgeting.
    2. Please see the web site for the Diocesan profile.
    3. Accountability/Performance Measures are being developed.
    4. The Youth Budget/Youth Summit was discussed.
    5. Openings on the Council were discussed.  The application is on the web site and is due by June 30.
    6. Discussed goals for web-enabled meetings with the anticipation of one face to face meeting per year.
    7. Discussed fall elections at convention.
  20. Standing Committee Update:
    1. President of the Committee is acting in place of the bishop until a new bishop is called.
    2. St Alban's, Yerington was sold to the Lutherans and is being rented back for Episcopal services.
    3. The Committee will be making appointments usually made by the bishop.  Please let the Committee know of willing and able people for various committee assignments.
    4. Selection of 09 General Convention delegates was discussed.
    5. Great appreciation for all the work of the Committee was expressed by all the attendees.
  21. Commission on Ministry.
    1. Discernment and Call Protocol is now complete.  A Mission District Discernment Committee has been added to the process.  Please see the web site for details.
    2. The core curriculum for training is done and usable as OCW (open course ware).  See OCWconsortium.org for more information on OCW.
    3. A grant is being worked on to fund obtaining the entire series of training as OCW.   
  22. Stewardship and Evangelism Conference Report.
    1. Rev. Elizabeth Tattersall presented a summary of concepts she learned at the conference and provided handouts (prepared by Mim Morgan & Elizabeth) expanding on concepts of being a welcoming church, treating new-comers as honored guests instead of visitors and how to take an inventory of how we treat newcomers. Also discussed was growth with vision and evangelism through the telling of your own personal faith story.
  23. Other Business
    1. Search for Bishop.
      1. All applications are in and we have ample candidates to select from.
      2. First cut has been made and phone interviews will be done next.
      3. Finalists will be selected in July
      4. Walkabouts will be done September 15 to 23.
    2. Multi-church flyer.
      1. The flyer will be modified to omit hours and add St Catherine's.  A new template will be distributed.
    3. A Gospel Book was presented to St Catherine's by St John's.
    4. A reminder to delegates of the importance of attending Mission District meetings in preparation for convention.
    5. Attendees wish to extend special thanks to Phil for all his work for the Mission District.
    6. The following items were requested to be added to the agenda for the next Mission District meeting to be held August 25, 2007 at St. Peter's:
      1. Bishop Search
      2. Convention
      3. Budget
      4. Steering Committee to plan and facilitate Mission District meetings.