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NWMD Meets at GALILEE AUGUST 14, 2004

August 14 was a seasonably beautiful Summer day when 30 members of the Northwest Mission District gathered at Galilee Camp and Conference Center to enjoy Lake Tahoe and share information about ministry, mental health and upcoming events in the diocese and various parishes .

Dolly Coke, a member of Holy Trinity, Fallon and director of the Fallon Community Mental Health Center spoke of efforts by the State of Nevada to reach out to people young and old in all counties of the State, who are having difficulties with depresssion and need professional support to turn them from potential suicide. She strongly cautioned that advice is not what was needed or desired in such situations, but rather sympathetic listening and referral to professional help.

People who threaten suicide should be taken seriously. Listening sensitively to those in despair (especially those who are young or elderly) and providing appropriate referral is an important ministry many of us can exercise. Often, as few as 6 sessions with a professional in community mental health can have a lasting impact.

Services are provided through Nevada State Mental Health and Development (www.mhds.state.nv), which operates the free 24 hour Suicide Prevention Hotline (800) HOPE (800-885-4673). The Mental Health facility on Galetti Way in Reno offers a walk-in mental health clinic, and some of the other resources which were distributed are available on our web site. Specific questions should be directed to Dolly Coke (775) 423-7141


Dick Stufflebeam, member of Diocesan Standing Committee, spoke on behalf of the proposed Diocesan budget and changes to the Diocesan Canons which will be considered at Convention in Henderson October 14-17.

One of the Canons will create a new ““DIOCESAN REVIEW COMMITTEE”” to assess and recommend a course of action on disciplinary issues, and thus relieve the Standing Committee of dealing with sensitive issues in its full sessions. If passed, this new Canon must be ratified at the following Convention in 2005, at which time persons to serve on the Committee will be elected. Both the Diocesan Council and Standing Committe recommend passage of the new Canon.

One lay and one clergy seat on the Diocesan Council must be filled by election at the Convention. Nomination forms can be found on the Diocesan web site.


The Rev. Jeff Paul reported on the work of our COMMISSION ON MINISTRY— a group of 12 people from throughout the diocese that is diligently applying its considerable talent and skill to the enormous project of standardizing the process of discernment and education for those working toward ordained leadership positions. Presently there are 25 persons in the Preachers in Training program, 18 preparing to become priests and 5 to become deacons.

The Commission is working to fulfill its primary mission to support the ministries of all the baptized members of the Church. Larry Kirk noted that many of the revisions in the (National) Canon 3 on Ministry passed by last year’s General Convention had significant input from Bishop Katharine. The hearings at Convention were packed with over 500 people wanting to speak on the issues. These revisions are now in the process of being implemented here in Nevada and will require some canonical changes to be made by Diocesan Convention.

Each member of the Commission on Ministry is assigned as a liaison to a group of parishes and is responsible for answering questions and bringing input back to the Commission meetings from those parishes. See the Commission’s page on the Diocesan web site for details.

Jeff strongly urged attendance at the “DAY OF DISCERNMENT” workshop at Convention this year (FRIDAY OCTOBER 15 at 8am). The workshop will be led by an experienced team from the Diocese of Ft. Worth and provide an introduction to their professionally designed 12 week discernment course for use by individuals, small groups or entire parishes. The Diocese of San Diego has been using the course successfully for 5 years, and brings the design team from Fort Worth to their diocese every year. Our new Youth Missioner, Adam Dwakins, is organizing the youth to participate fully in it.


The Rev. Rick Sorensen reported on an anti racism training event that he, Ellen and others attended this past year. ANTI-RACISM TRAINING is now required by General convention of all persons in leadership positions in the Episcopal church. The Commission on Ministry plans to prepare and present this training early in 2005 along with a multicultural program on INSTITUTIONAL RACISM being used by the Diocese of Los Angeles.



Saturday, AUGUST 21, St. Peter’s Carson City is sponsoring a Chautauqua. The evening begins with a silent auction at 6pm followed by the highly acclaimed play “ A Single Woman” which has captivated audiences in more than 50 performances from Fallon to Colorado and Sacramento to Los Angeles. Recently nominated by the Sacramento Area Regional Theatre Alliance (SARTA www.sarta.com) for 2004 Best Original Work, “A Single Woman” continues to touch the hearts and minds of audiences throughout the nation.. A Single Woman is a rousing 2 actor play based on the life of pacifist and first US Congresswoman, Jeannette Rankin.
Tickets are $20. Those interested should call 882-1534.

The First Annual ALUMNI DAY for Galilee will begin with the dedication of the new stairs to the beach at 1pm on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 12. Food and fun are being planned. All are invited to come for a swim, use the kayaks, and generally enjoy the beautiful beach. The Rev. Betty Ihfe, who made the announcement said that a barbecue will be available at a cost of $10 ($5 for children and youth). Otherwise the day is totally free.

Galilee will hold a NEARLY NEW YARD SALE August 29, Noon to 4pm, with barbecue lunch available from 11 to 2. Items in good shape that are “nearly new” can be donated (no heavy appliances, big furniture or clothes). Call (775) 749-5546 to arrange dropoff at Galilee. All proceeds will benefit Galilee Camp and Conference Center. Flyers were distributed to those in attendance for posting at their parishes.

The Rev. Dave Mussatti urged members of all parishes to mark their calendars for the SEXUAL HARRASSMENT workshop to be offered September 14 at St. Patrick’s Incline Village. The workshop is required every 2 years for everyone in the church who works with children and youth and runs from 6 to 10pm. Dinner will be provided but it is important to call St. Patrick’s 831-1418 with an RSVP so they will know how many to prepare for.

Deb Stiver of St Paul’s offerred to provide Sunday workshops for interested parishes about the INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT MISSION’s work in Africa. Contact Deb or Ron Peterson. More info can be found on the IDM Web Site..


DIOCESAN CONVENTION IN HENDERSON OCTOBER 14-17 will replace the next quarterly meeting of the Mission District, but the following meeting is tentatively planned for Saturday, February 5 at Trinity, Reno.

-Photos & Story by Jon Davidson (Sparks)