Second Meeting - Carson City
June 1, 2002




Seven members of St. Paul's, Sparks, participated in the day-long gathering hosted by St. Peter's, Carson City.

RICHARD HENRY led off the meeting with an explanation of "Ministry Covenants," which he said are not Letters of Agreement, or Job Descriptions, but "covenants" in the sense of the Tanch (Hebrew Scriptures), such as the "conditional" covenant involving Moses, "Unconditional" such as Davidic, Noahide, Abrahamic, and other covenants such as that between Ruth and Naomi.

We were led to form a large human map of the United States by going to our place of birth, then moving to where in the U.S. we spent our childhood. Then we divided into groups representing the 4 major church sizes where we grew up, then moving into groups representing our present church size :

Archdeacon Henry asked that each congregation designate one person to relate to him on the development of Ministry Covenants. This person will be the primary contact with the Parish as it develops these Covenants deeply within the fabric of the congregation, involving the various "Teams" within the Parish -- not just with the clergy. He gave us several guidelines for the process:

Richard Henry said to contact him for a bibliography . In summary, he quoted Suzuki :

In the Beginner's mind there are many possibilities.
In the Expert's, there are few.

JON DAVIDSON then presented a 10-minute videotape from Rick Johnson of GraceCom on the theological basis for developing a special ministry involving the Internet. Following that he asked for a show of hands so we could quickly see who we are as a community in relation to the Net.

Turns out most of us use e-mail at least once a day. We were evenly divided in our choice of e-mail or telephone for quick, brief communications, and about 25% of us use two or more e-mail accounts. About 80% of us use the Web at least once a week.

Jon highlighted the resources we have for developing an internet ministry in our parishes :

JIM BEMIS updated us on some of the new features of our Diocesan Web site and called attention to the newly established "listserv" where those who wish can receive alerts when significant new material is added to the Diocesan Site. To have your name added to this list, write to Jim HERE.

LUKE SORENSEN presented a carefully devleoped proposal for a new Diocesan Youth coordinator which was well received.

DOROTHY RAMSDELL made a short presentation on the Galilee Foundation


JIM KELLY announced a 5-week course on the Letter of Paul to the Philippians which begins June 3 at St. Patrick's Church, Incline Village. More info HERE or call Jim (775) 832-8420



DEB STIVER and Rev. BRITT OLSON spoke about INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT MISSION and its interdenominational and statewide expansion, as well as the Mua Hills Clinic the organization is assisting with in Kenya.

JILL BEESLEY reported to those assembled on the most recent DIOCESAN COUNCIL meeting. The Council has asked that Parishes consider the amounts of their Diocesan Asking: If it were to be reduced, what new sources of Diocesan funding can be identified? Next Mission District meeting (Sept. 21) will deal with issues for the 2002 Nevada Convention in Ely.

Rev. JANE FORAKER THOMPSON reported on the National conference for ALTERNATIVES TO VIOLENCE PROJECT which she recently attended.


The Episcopal Church Women of St. Peter's provided a bountiful lunch, after which the (somewhat smaller) group participated in some typically fun and growth experiences which are a part of the AVP 3-day workshops. The exercises were led by 4 AVP trainers: JANE , BILL and DONNA MURPHY SHARP, and ELLEN SORENSEN. The team indicated they are available and willing to put on a similar mini-workshop in a parish, where it is desired. A major workshop is being planned. Those interested in being contacted with the dates should send Jane an e-mail here.

The 3 co-convenors (ELLEN SORENSEN, NANCY JOSLIN, and JEAN ROBERTS) were thanked for a day of growth and community development. Next meeting's co-convenors are DEBBIE SNYDER, The Rev. DAVID MUSSATTI and NANCY JOSLIN.

The next meeting was set for

Saturday, September 21
at either
St. Patrick's, Incline Village
or the
Galilee Camp and Conference Center