Report of the
---------------------Northwest Mission District



The First meeting of the NORTHWEST MISSION DISTRICT of the Diocese of Nevada was held @ St. Paul's Sparks, March 2, 2002. It's purpose was sharing, communication and fellowship. Over 50 people attended from DISTRICT churches and the Diocesan Staff. Represented were Old St. Paul's, Virginia City, Coventry Cross, Minden, St. John's Galilee (Lake Tahoe), St. Patrick's, Incline Village, St. Peter's Carson City, St. Stephen's & Trinity, Reno & St. Paul's Sparks.

Bishop Katharine introduced the day focusing the gathering on the centrality of MISSION-- our primary purpose as a community of God. She asked each participant to tell about their favorite things and their "PASSIONS."

After more than an hour of getting to know a bit about one another, the group divided into several focus sessions: WARDENS, TREASURERS, CLERGY, YOUTH MINISTRIES, INTERNET MINISTRY, BIBLE STUDY & COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER DEVELOPMENT.

Evie Arnold prepared a nutritious lunch after which Bob Nelson of the Diocesan Staff presented an overview of Sexual Misconduct Avoidance training -- partially from Serena Beck's training manual. (She has conducted certified training sessions this past year in the Diocese.)

Several items of interest were discussed in the day's final session including:

Dave Mussatti reported that plans for Camp Galilee are on track and that the Summer camping schedule is available.
Vern Frazier described the prison ministry work of KAIROS
Rick Sorensen presented an update on the area Interfaith Hospitality Network.
Eric Heidecker asked that our churches be more welcoming to everyone, especially gays and lesbians, and that we show support to the gay and lesbian parade in Reno.
Jan Ensler described KID'S KLUB @ St.Pauls, Sparks in whose space the meeting was taking place--surrounded by much of their art work on the walls. She noted the TACO FIESTA fund raiser for the program April 20 @4-8pm here in the space in which we were meeting.
Jim McGrew and Eric Heidecker each spoke of the need to address environmental stewardship
The Bishop called attention to the anti-Racism initiative in the Episcopal Church, indicating that materials were being sent to each congregation.
Ellen Sorensen spoke of the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), spearheaded by the Quakers. A 3-day workshop has been held in the Truckee Meadows and another is being planned.
Eric Heidecker noted that there is a storage facility in the basement of Old St. Paul's for pre-owned church furniture and appointments which can be sent to others for later use.
Several participants stressed the need for better communication to and among the lay persons about events and concerns of the Church.
Bishop Katharine described efforts to connect with the Hispanic population in Nevada, especially in Las Vegas
Clergy Conference September 5,6,7 @ Wellspring was announced

Bob Nelson shared an email he had received the previous day about the availability of TERRI PARSONS of the National Church Staff to present a workshop on Stewardship. Participants readily welcomed the workshop on May 5, and 3 churches are very interested in hosting the event: Trinity, St. Paul's Sparks and St. Stephen's Carson City.

Bishop Katharine asked if the day's gathering was valuable and if the MISSION DISTRICT wished to continue meetings. Several spoke on the energy and enthusiasm generated during the day. Shep Curtiss noted that our excitement about the value and the fun we enjoyed together will be the best advertisement for future meetings.

June 1 was set for the next NORTHWEST MISSION DISTRICT meeting and St. Peter's Carson City will be the host congregation. Convenors for the next few meetings will be Ellen Sorensen (St. Stephen's), Nancy Joslin (St. Patrick's) and June Roberts (St. Peter's)

Interest in the following agenda items was expressed for the June 1 meeting:

Repeat of the extensive introductions and sharing of interests
Congregational Ministry Covenants --Richard Henry leading
Tabled Resolutions from Diocesan Convention (Britt Olson)
----------Relief & Development
----------Social Outreach
----------Diocesan Asking
Christian Environmental Stewardship

Finally, those present were asked to encourage members of the E.L.M. Community from Lemmon Valley to attend the next meeting.