The Search for Water

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Richard Schori: Water is a problem in many parts of Kenya. The problem is usually a lack of technology to obtain it. Ron Petersen, a hydrologist from Reno, Nevada, has a personal mission to help Africans find water. I went on an all-day car ride to areas generally to the east of Nairobi with Ron and Peter, the contractor for the Mua Hills Clinic, who has a home and family in the area we traveled. The first picture is at Muthoka Mutua's house in Machakos. On the left is a roof-water catchment tank, a popular method of obtaining water in Kenya. From there we visited existing water wells, studying the geology of those areas, and then explored several locations looking for potential well-drilling sites.

Dipping water from a natural or hand-dug spring is a typical method for Kenyans to obtain water. At one of these publicly owned springs, two well-dressed Kenyans who owned a home near-by confronted us asking why we were taking pictures and claimed that they owned the spring and we had no business there. Peter, a small man, used an authoritative personal stance and got us out of the situation, explaining later that they were old-fashioned governmental bureaucrats.

The final picture is where water is being sold from a well owned by a school and dug by an Egyptian company.


Water tank at Muthoka's house

Ron & Katharine at well near
Muthoka's house

At well with son and woman
Road formally dividing English land on left from Kenyan land on right.
Ron and Peter

Transporting water cans

45 feet deep taking 3 months to dig
Privately owned hand dug well

Ron with rock dug from well

Well with family members

Corn storage shed on right

Looking for well site

A bull snorting at Richard

Cows near a pond from spring

Ron examining quarts strata

Children after water
Behind dam.  Water is filtered under dam purifying it from cow poluted pond
Woman dipping water

On drive to Peter's house

Peter, son and house with Ron
10 ft deep in dry river bed. Ron suggests drilling well a few feet away on river bank
Dug spring for dipping water

Natural spring where we were confronted by bureacrat

Kenyans waiting to dip water from spring

At near-by medical clinic in
small village

Nurse, Peter and son

At well owned by school

Pictures and web page by Richard Schori

Contact Ron Petersen at the International Development Missions if interested in such projects.