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Diocese of Mt. Kenya South: Another project we visited is a very ambitious hospital still very much in process. The foundation and part of the first floor has been built, but the contractor did not do an adequate job, and the building is stalled. There is a small clinic on the site, however, providing basic health care. Bishop Peter Njenga hopes to raise the funds to complete the building and get it up and operating.

Dedication plaque

Hospital foundation


All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi - Urban Development Project has done significant community service organizing the "displaced persons" camp. The government evicted thousands of squatters in a Nairobi slum beginning 5 or 6 years ago. The Anglican church eventually convinced the government to provide land in another area. They have municipal water, but no sewer, and few other services. The Cathedral has begun nursery and primary schools, and supplied materials for the residents to build 77 latrines. Three workers on cathedral staff run the program; one of them lives in the project, and has done a remarkable job of empowerment. We met about 40 residents, primarily women. They gather one morning a week to continue to work on community development, plan, organize, do bible study, worship, and sing. There is hope in this community which was profoundly lacking when they first moved. We had a meeting with this community, heard them sing several songs of the typical Kenyan "call and response" type. We dedicated the new water spigot, visited a classroom and were hosted to a lunch of traditional foods.

Katharine speaking to community

Resident cathedral staff worker is the community leader

Woman on left was leading singing

Classroom for children in community

Resident & concrete block latrine

Dedication of water spigot

Habil+, +Katharine, & Richard

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St. Nicholas School, Karen, Nairobi - quasi-orphanage which cares for 84 children from age 4 through 18. Younger children attend school on the grounds, along with other children from the neighborhood. Older children attend the cathedral school, with fees paid by the cathedral. Not all are orphans, some simply cannot be cared for at home - single, disabled, or incapable parents - but guardians are encouraged to be as involved as possible, and the school leadership is providing training programs, encouraging increased economic self-sufficiency. St. Nicholas is directed by the Rev. Veneranda Rucigitaramo, the only woman priest we met.
We were entertained by the students including a wonderful melodic poem by a 13 year old girl extolling the importance of education to her parents. Unfortunately we don't have a picture of her.

A touching moment

Flowers presented to Katharine

Our tour party

Younger students

Comments by Katharine


Head table minus Richard

Reception afterwards

Habil in the middle