Mua Hills Medical Clinic in Machakos, Kenya

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Bishop Katharine:
Mua Hills Clinic - sponsored by an ecumenical group of Christians from Nevada, the International Development Missions, and built on land owned by the African Inland Church. In addition to a church building, the plot includes a cookshed, latrines, the clinic, and maize plots, all adjacent to a primary school. There is hope that the medical clinic will serve the children from the school as well. A group of 6 had come from Grace Community Church in Sparks, to help with the building. They built roof trusses, did electrical and plumbing work, and helped with excavations for the septic system. The congregation fed the workers lunch and dinner each day. Cooking is no easy feat - it took a team of 8 or 10 several hours cooking over wood fires to prepare each meal. Most often the meal included chapattis, a soup or stew of vegetables and chicken, beef, mutton, or goat, rice, and cooked cabbage, with local fruit for dessert - pineapple, papaya, mango, oranges, and watermelon. Meals in Kenya are typically preceded by hand-washing - someone comes round with a pitcher and a bowl, and pours water for you to wash. It reminded me very much of our Maundy Thursday footwashing.

Clinic on 3/4/03

Bishops Katharine and Joseph Kanuku, and Pastor Isaac Katunga during dedication

Ron Petersen

During dedication

Muthoka and locals

Local residents at dedication

Muthoka and locals

Ted Ogan

Muthoka, David, Ron, Katharine

Katharine & Muthoka

Richard Schori


Mike Murphy

Don Butters

Scott Riley, Mike Murphey, Muthoka, Chris Murphey, Tyler LaCruze, Ron Petersen, Peter (contractor), & plumber

Meal for American workers supplied by locals in church

Cooks in the cookshed

Pastor Isaac in dedication service

Dedication service

Dedication service

David, on Clinic Board

Bishop Joseph of Machakos

Bishops Joseph and Katharine