Ash Wedneday at St. Mary's, Kangundo

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Bishop Katharine: On Ash Wednesday I worshiped with Bishop Joseph Kanuku and a congregation so new that it had never observed that special day before. The worship service took place in a small building that will eventually be the vicarage for St. Mary's, Kangundo. Thirty of us gathered to sit on benches, sing and pray with gusto, share communion and ashes, and consider how we would amend our lives this Lent. Most people in the congregation had had to leave work in order to attend the midday service, so everyone was surprised at how many were there. On Sundays this new congregation normally has well over a hundred in worship. They have begun to build a church building, and its native stone walls already reach up about 10 feet. It reminded me of the ruins in Ephesus, but this church is going up, rather than a relic of an age gone by. All of the funding has come from this poor, rural community. As in many places, the church adjoined a maize plot (corn field). (Richard not along on this so no pictures.)

Bishop Joseph Kanuku &

Joseph with Katharine and his staff in Diocese of Machakos