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Galilee's First annual Great Paddle is a kayak trip around Lake Tahoe to benefit the wilderness programs at the camp. The participants have gathered sponsors for the 60 mile trip around the lake. The money raised will be used to purchase new kayaks and a range of equipment for the new backpacking program that will begin in 2008.



September 26 – 30, 2007


A FIVE DAY ADVENTURE . . . . . . . .

2007 Paddle image2007 Paddle image 2007 Paddle image  

2007 Paddle imageDAY 1:  Starting at 7:10am, the morning was a brisk 33 degrees with clear skies and calm water.

The team was comprised of (l. to r., below) Stuart Campbell, Warner Griswold and Tracy Farran.  After 2007 Paddle imagepaddling North they made a crossing in smooth water from Sand Harbor to Kings Beach, skipping the shoreline of Incline Village, Crystal Bay and Brockway, arriving at 1:30pm (a full hour ahead of schedule!) for camping overnight in Tahoe Vista, where the overnight temperature is expected to be 41 degrees.  

2007 Paddle image


After settling into their campground at Sandy Beach Resort, they scouted the route for the next day before dinner next door to the campground at Spindleshanks, for which Stuart's wife, Monica and kids Anna(5) and Gracie(3) joined the group overnight.  They sacked out in tents about 7:30 in preparation for another day on the water.  The route for day 2 will take them West around Flick Point & past Carnelian Bay, past Dollar Point & Tahoe City to Sunnyside on Tahoe's West Shore. 




2007 Paddle image

DAY 2: (Thursday) was the shortest day in miles covered so the team launched at 10am. "It was a beautiful glassy water surface from Tahoe Vista to Tahoe City," where the team stopped for lunch.  Leaving about 12:30 the wind had picked up and the paddle to Sunnyside was the first real challenge heading directly into the wind.  Seared tuna at Sunnyside was a welcome change of pace, after which they stayed overnight at William Kent campground, just beyond Sunnyside.  "The campground is beautiful with very little road noise and few other campers,"  Stuart commented, "It was just so nice to be on the lake for an extended period of time again.  Once you get on the water for a few hours with no boats around, you realize what an incredible place this really is.  We saw some [striking] boulder piles ... in the morning light and abandoned eagles nests."

DAY 3(Friday): Oatmel, granola, yogurt and raisin bread comprised the outdoor breakfast menu, then an 8am start headed the team South toward Chambers Landing, picking up a tail wind until rounding Sugar Pine Point.  Stuart reportend, "...then it was really bad...it was a fun challenge, but definitely a [full hour] challenge to get all the way down to Meeks Bay!"  The temperatures were in the brisk 40's in the morning, with overcast skies.   18 mph winds produced whitecaps 2007 Paddle imageand rough water (see picture looking across from Galilee toward the West Shore about this time of day).  They stopped for a turkey sandwich lunch just South of Sugar Pine Point.  Rather than staying the night at Bliss State Park, as planned, the group returned to Galilee because of predicted snow this evening.  This gave them an opportunity to send pictures which now 2007 Paddle imageaccompany the first 3 days' report.

DAY 4(Saturday): Indeed a light snowfall and cold temperatures greeted the kayak team as they "left Galilee around 9:45 AM and arrived at Baldwin beach around 2:20 PM.," according to Stuart. 

"The day was mostly glassy - we experienced a little wind around Zephyr Point and some around the Keys but otherwise it was perfect. We took a break at Nevada Beach and couldn't believe how beautiful the view was, looking over to Tallac and Emerald Bay. Another great day. We went south this morning as we knew we couldn't get over to Baldwin this morning because of the marathon. Tomorrow we will leave early and travel to Baldwin by car, put the boats in there and paddle to Meeks Bay, with a short stop in Emerald Bay. This will finish the trip."

2007 Paddle image 2007 Paddle image 2007 Paddle image

DAY 5:  With the short section from Baldwin Beach to Meeks Bay yet to complete, the team put in at 8:30am from Baldwin Beach and paddled into Emerad Bay, from where Stuart wrote:   "We had the whole bay to ourselves! The section just south of Rubicon Point is beautiful as well with the massive rock wall that rises right out of the lake. The crossing of Rubicon bay was mostly calm except for the last mile or so when we had to [contend with] the wind some to get into Meeks Bay. Both times we approached Meeks Bay we had [a strong wind].

Anyway, the trip ended very well - we pulled into Meeks at 11:00 AM to finish. There were some native americans singing in the traditional Washoe manner as we landed on the beach at Meeks which added a note of solemnity and beauty to our final moments on the lake."  This completed the entire perimeter of Lake Tahoe in the alloted 5 days, and the 3 paddlers headed back to Galilee for the afternoon victory celebration and open house.

2007 Paddle image

VICTORY CELEBRATION:  Everyone was invited to the victory celebration from 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM on Sunday, September 30th. Snacks and drinks will be served and tours of Camp Galilee, including plans for the future, will run throughout the afternoon. The waterfront will be open and kayaks will be available for guests to use as well. The cost for the afternoon is $7.00 per person.

Questions: eMail Stuart Campbell of Camp Galilee or call the camp (775) 749-5546