Taipei and South to Chiayi

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At rest area on way to Chiayi

Bishop of Eastern Oregon
Welcome sign at St. Peter's
Bishop Bill Gregg & wife Kathy

Rev Jason Kerr in courtyard
St Peter's run a large Kindergarten
Retired Bishop John Chien with Bishop Gregg

Bishop Chien in Chapel

Reception with wonderful fruit

Rev Kerr and Bishop Chien

Bishop spouses preparing for the upcoming bus ride to Taichung

Bishop Lai calling bus driver. Glad he wasn't hit by a car
We were continually impressed with the Kindergartens run by churches in Taiwan. We drove to Taichung and St. James. They have 132 members and run a Kindergarten with 280 students in 12 classes, ages 2 1/2 - 6 with 29 full-time teacher and a total staff and part-time teacher of 45.
St. James in Taichung, including beautiful butterfly garden

Kathy Gregg, +Bob & Mary Carol Shahan of Arizona

Bishops and spouses in Kindergarten area of courtyard

Catherine Lee and Rev. Charles Chen

The traveling bishops and spouses at St. James

We stayed over night at Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan

Leaving Yang's Wood hotel at Sun Moon Lake

We rode by bus to Taipei and stayed at the historic Grand hotel

The Shahans take off for a preaching assignment out of town

Herbert Ma addressed us after dinner, a long term chancellor

Revs. Lamuel Lin (left) & Lennon Chiang (standing on rt)

Fred Quinn & wife Bishop Irish of Utah in front

St. John's Episcopal Church near Taipei is affiliated at the organizational level of St. John's Institute of Technology with over 8,000 students. The institute is a rejuvenation of a famous institute of the same name from Shanghai that was dissolved in the 1950's.

St. John's Episcopal Church

Baptismal font with Bishops Jefferts Schori and Lamb

Rev Lennon Chiang with Bishops Lamb and Jefferts Schori

With the Tan family near Taipei, family of Amy Tan, author

Paul Tan, 84, uncle of Amy Tan

St. John's Institute of Technology affiliated with St. James

Prof Fong, and President Peter Yung (both standing)

Tour of Institute campus with President Peter Yung

Grave of Bp. James Wong beneath altar with Bp. Swing

+Bill Gregg, Peter Yung, Jane & +Jerry Lamb

Toasting at final banquet

President of Province VIII, +Harry Bainbridge & Kit present gifts to +David Lai & Lily

Sight seeing in Taipei - Memorial of Chang Kai Shek and Richard Schori

Inside the memorial

Taipei 101, currently the tallest building in the world

At an outdoor flower market

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Richard Schori