Big Tour Day
March 19, 2004

Cover Arriving

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Morning: Bob Snow gave a very interesting history of the Diocese in the DR. It was established in 1897 and in 1913 became part of the United States Episcopal Church. Several of the priests have come from Haiti, which is located on the western 1/3 of the island that contains the DR on the eastern 2/3. The other presentation was by Father Bruno, priest at Epiphany Church in Santo Domingo. He was a priest in north Haiti for 27 years and recently was in Haiti to determine how the Diocese of the DR might be able to help.

Afternoon: Toured an Episcopal medical clinic and two schools. Father Sandino Sanchez oversees the Clinic Esperanza and associated St. Stephen's Church. The clinic has specialties in the basic areas of medicine, dentistry, and a pharmacy. We visited a clinic and school run by the Sisters of Transfiguration, based in Ohio. We had refreshments at the Kellogg Retreat Center, opened in 2003. From there we went to the Santa Fe Community and visited the Santa Cruz Church and School. The have 219 students in a community where there is 80-85% unemployment. Father Désir leads a remarkable operation, which has become the main vehicle for crisis intervention in this community. The students, with drummers and flag bearers, led us to their church and an inspiring service with joyful singing.

Bob Snow - history of Diocese

Father Bruno-talked on Haiti

Clinic Esperanza

Clinic Esperanza

Affiliated with St.Stephens

Medical laboratory

Front of St. Stephen

Inside St. Stephens

Father Sandino Sanchez

Clinic & School

Run by Sisters of Transfiguration, based in Ohio

In a classroom

Church under construction across the street

A curious observer

Inside the church under construction

Associated Medical Clinic

From the front

Tea - Kellogg Retreat Center

Inside new Retreat Center

Santa Cruz School

219 students

Santa Cruz Church

Inspiring service

Cristina Daniels translates for Father Désir

Phoebe addresses congregation

In the school yard

On wall around school