March 19, 2004

Cover Arriving

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Fiesta Dominicana! We were treated to an outdoor dinner with great food, drink, music, entertainment with local dancers in costumes, and then music for our dancing. Dancing was very popular that evening and we had a great time as the pictures below will verify. It was a glorious evening of a typical Dominican fiesta.

Warming up for the Fiesta

Favorite before dinner hangout

Our excellent guides, the Snows

Introductions for the Fiesta

Outdoor banquet


Local entertainers

Very athletic

They got us involved

We danced and danced

Marilyn took over my camera!

Everyone got involved

Dick had a great time

So did everyone

We danced and danced

Ednice danced too, why not?

We danced and danced

Is she enjoying herself?

We danced and danced

We danced and danced

Some solo dancing

Time out to rest

Larry before he took Dick off to smoke a cigar

We danced and danced

Perfect weather

Hanging out

Enjoying a rest

Getting late

Time to quit?

The Bishop is a good dancer
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Pictures by Dick Schori and Marilyn Jelenik
(with Dick's camera)

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