Final Presentation, Shopping, and Closing Eucharist
March 20, 2004

Cover Arriving

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Bob and Ellen Snow gave a talk of their history of being missionaries. How they decided to quit their lives in Nebraska, chose the DR, etc, etc. They hope to stay on in the DR for about another 4 years and find their work to be very fulfilling.

Retired Bishop Telesforo Isaac gave an exquisite presentation of the Spirituality of our Latin brothers and sisters. Bishop Isaac was the first native-born deacon, priest, and bishop of the Episcopal Church of the Dominican Republic. He retired as bishop in 1991. The Voodoo (religion) from Haiti is also quite active in the DR since there are many Haitians in the DR. There is quite a mixture of Voodoo and Catholicism, which resulted when the African slaves were told they could no longer practice Voodoo. They simply combined rituals of the two and surreptitiously replaced Voodoo names with Christian names but kept the Voodoo meanings! Much more was explained

Bob & Ellen Snow

Ret. Bishop Isaac

Bishop Isaac & Barbara Price

Morning break
We took a bus to the Santo Domingo Colonial Zone where the first cathedral in the New World is located. We spent more than two hours shopping. Much jewelry, vanilla, CD's, etc.
Gathering near the Central Plaza

Christopher Columbus's sons house

Cathedral de Santo Domingo - from the side

Cathedral Plac

Front of Cathedral

Break from shopping in Colonial Zone
Next was closing eucharist at
Epiphany Church. The Rev. Charles Raymond Barnes, an Episcopal martyr who was killed in 1938, is entombed under the floor of the church. There were two bishops in attendance, several priests, deacons, many bishop spouses and locals.

Entering Epiphany Church

Father Bruno

Bishop Holguin and interpreter

During the "Peace"

Altar scene

Bishop Holguin



Early morning view from hotel

Early morning view from the hotel

Ellen Snow
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