The Spanish Family & Their Culture
March 18, 2004

Cover Arriving

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By Ira Leidel: We heard of Ten Types of Families from a family therapist, Patricia Ebersole Zwier. The family types seem to be very universal and not merely limited to the Caribbean Islands. She talked of the role of the church to help families grow closer to God in any of the family types; whether they were a Centipede Family (one father with a wife and a multiple series of mistresses), Salad Family (a powerful woman heading the family and men enter and leave), and even a Ghost Family (living as is the deceased member is still alive.)

Bob Snow was the Master of Ceremony

Patricia Zwier - Missionary discusses 10 family types

She is very good

Three Generation Island Family

Centipede Family

Salad Family

Accordian Family

Sojourner Family

Guests Families

One-legged Families

Two-Person Families

Composite Families

Families with Ghosts

That's Kit Bainbridge

Betty Creighton

Blanca Echeverry

Dick Schori & all the women

Wendy Wimberly