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The SEARCH COMMITTEE was given the  following "charge" by the STANDING COMMITTEE on December 3, 2007

“It shall be said, ‘Build up, build up, prepare the way, remove every obstruction from my people’s way.’” Isaiah 57:14


1. Working within the context of prayer and discernment, to present to the Standing Committee and the Diocese of Nevada a slate of no fewer than three and no more than five final candidates to be nominated at the electing convention 2007.
2. To oversee the construction of a profile of the diocese which accurately reflects the accumulated data gathered from the membership.
3. To oversee construction of a profile of the bishop which adequately describes the Episcopal leadership needs of the diocese.
4. To disseminate to the diocese copies of the diocesan profile, bishop profile, progress of the process, summaries of interviews and information on the nominees as appropriate.
5. To provide a monthly report of actions and progress to the Standing Committee.
6. To conduct an open search for nominations from persons within and outside the diocese, including the Church Deployment Office and other appropriate resources. The Search Committee needs to ensure that all nominees meet the constitutional and canonical requirements set forth by the General Convention of the Episcopal Church of the United States of America:
a) Individuals must be at least 30 years of age. The compulsory retirement age for bishops is 72.
b) Suffragan Bishops are eligible nominees; those currently serving as Bishop or Bishop Coadjutor of a Diocese must have served in that Diocese for at least five years to be eligible.
7. To develop within the committee a fair and unbiased process whereby all nominees may be given full consideration and judged on their merits and qualifications.
8. All members of the Search Committee are required to participate in an Anti-Racism Workshop conducted by the Diocesan Anti-Racism Task Force. Members who have already completed this within the last two years will not have to repeat it. Failure to have this training will render the individual ineligible for membership on the Committee.
9. A great deal of confidential information will be gathered by the Search Committee about individual applicants and nominees. All personal information must be kept in strict confidence. All information regarding Committee process is to be released by action of the whole Committee as appropriate. The process itself should be transparent; personal information must remain confidential.
10. All deliberations of the Search Committee are to be held in the strictest confidence, including especially the names of persons being considered. Any breach of confidence will be dealt with by Standing Committee, up to possible removal of the person from the Search Committee.
11. Nominations will be accompanied by the resume and CDO profile of the person being nominated, together with a nominating form signed by the person making the nomination and the prospective nominee. In addition, letters of reference from one priest, one bishop and one lay person will be submitted on behalf of the prospective nominee, in addition to her/his answers to a questionnaire prepared by the Search Committee.
12. To exercise conscientious personal decision-making within an overall accountability, individually and collectively, to the Holy Spirit and to the people of the diocese.
13. To establish a time line of activities and meetings with date ranges for accomplishment of tasks.
14. To work out a plan and execute a Walkabout in conjunction with the Transition Committee in the diocese with the purpose of acquainting the nominees with the diocese and allowing members of the diocese to meet the nominees. The locations chosen should be convenient to folks in all four mission districts of the diocese. Nominees’ spouses/partenrs should be invited to participate in the walkabout.
15. To participate on a Joint Communications Committee.