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  Bulletin Announcements & Inserts
that may have appeared in your local parish worship leaflet


October 7, 2007: [Parish Bulletin Editors: Upcoming Sunday bulletins are the last opportunity to call your congregation's attention to the electing convention for our next Bishop. Please run the following announcement in your Sunday Bulletin. If you can add the names of your parish delegates within the announcement, that would be a help. (wardens, elected delegates--both adult and youth--and clergy). Thanks - The Bishop Search Process committees]

PLEASE PRAY for our delegates and the work of Nevada's Diocesan Convention, which begins at 10am this Friday, October 12. Meeting at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, delegates will be naming the next bishop for our diocese -- beginning at 11am on Friday. Live reports from convention will be available on "THE DESERT SHALL REJOICE" blog to be found at the top of "WHAT'S NEW" on< www.nvdiocese.org> . Participate in our convention by staying connected!

September 30, 2007: [ Please continue bulletin and worship announcements about the
election of our new bishop so that new people coming during the next
few Sundays will be aware of our prayers and concerns for this
important event in the life of our Diocese. Below is some copy for
use this Sunday, September 30 ]

THE 6 CANDIDATES FOR BISHOP of the Diocese of Nevada have returned to
their home parishes after an intense eight days visiting 22 of our
congregations and answering questions day and night. A description of
the candidates' journey and many of the answers they gave us is found
on our daily blog "The Desert Shall Rejoice" at
Please study what they all have to say and talk with our Convention
Delegates so they can reflect your point of view when they gather for
the first ballot at the Convention, Friday morning, October 12. (A
list of your parish delegates is printed in the current issue of
DESERT SPIRIT, and on the Diocesan Website <www.nvdiocese.org>)

September 23, 2007: A Bulletin insert .pdf file was sent entitled "IS IT DISCERNMENT OR POLITICS?"

September 16, 2007:
This week, there are 2 bulletin announcements from which to select. ... Please use only one of the two following announcements depending on your parish

[POST WALKABOUT announcement:]
THE BISHOP CANDIDATES have been here to visit and we have had an opportunity to meet them and get to know them better. In the days remaining before our Diocesan Convention October 12, when our new Bishop is elected, PLEASE talk with our parish delegates so they will know your thoughts about the candidates. If you missed the candidates’ visit, please see the Diocesan Website <www.nvdiocese.org> or read about them in the DESERT SPIRIT. The names of our parish’s convention delegates are also listed in both places. We want everyone to be a part of the process!

[PRE-WALKABOUT anouncement:]
THIS WEEK, we all have an opportunity to meet and talk with the 6 candidates for our next Bishop of the Diocese of Nevada. If you have not seen the schedule of when they will be in our area, contact the parish office, or consult the DESERT SPIRIT. Please do your best to participate in one of the “walkabout” tour stops and be a part of the process. Your parish delegates to the electing convention October 12 will want to know your thoughts about the candidates.

September 2 , 2007: WE NOW OFFICIALLY HAVE 6 candidates for Bishop of Nevada! The Rev. Jeff Paul (St. Peter's, Carson City), our lone petition candidate, was officially announced by the Standing Committee this week. Material on all 6 candidates is posted on our Diocesan Website <www.nvdiocese.org> and will appear in the Desert Spirit newspaper which is arriving in you home in the next few days.  Additional copies can be obtained in our parish office. Please read about all our condidates and plan to participate in one of the walkabout "stops" September 14-21.

August 26, 2007: THE CANDIDATES for our NEXT BISHOP will be here to meet us and answer our questions about their leadership, skills & gifts September 14-21.  Elsewhere in this bulletin, you wil find the schedule of "stops" on the walkabout tour. EVERYONE is welcome at every stop, regardless of location. This is a Diocesan-wide event. Your convention delegates need to know your preferences and your recommendations so plan to attend and participate in at least one walkabout "stop." Mark your calendar now and be included in this major event in our Diocese.  [Schedule Insert large] [Schedule Insert small] [Schedule backside (FAQ) large] [Schedule backside (FAQ) small]

August 12, 2007: NEW DIOCESAN BLOG LAUNCHED:   "The Desert Shall Rejoice"
<http:/bishopsearchnv.blogspot.com> is a new blog site just launched by the Diocese of Nevada to keep us all informed before the election of the new Bishop at our Diocesan Convention, October 12-14.  It will be updated regularly.  For those of you unfamiliar with blogs, they are extremely effective forms of online communication which are simple to use, easy to access, and allow for free-flowing commentary and conversation. A member of the Communications Commission will be travelling with the bishop candidates during the walkabout period
(September 14-21), and will cover each session,  posting reports shortly after the conclusion of each "stop" on the walkabout tour.  The election itself will be "live blogged" during convention, with ballot results posted as they are announced and the name of our new bishop-elect announced immediately.  So bookmark the site and join in
the online discussion!

August 5, 2007: The period for Petition Candidates to enter the BISHOP SEARCH PROCESS as nominees for our next Bishop has closed this past week. Those additional persons will be announced as soon as their background checks have been completed later this month. At that time, additional information on ALL our candidates will be mailed directly to your home and available here at the Church. Please begin to study the material provided on the initial nominees which is posted on the Diocesan website <www.nvdiocese.org> & make note of questions you would like to ask when all the candidates come to visit us September 14-21.

July 29, 2007: THE BISHOP SEARCH PROCESS continues this week as we receive Petition Nominations through August 1 to be added to those which were announced on July 18. Meanwhile, please prayerfully consider the 5 current nominees whose information can be easily found on our Diocesan Website <www.nvdiocese.org> . When all the nominees’ materials are received, the first week in August, the answers each candidate has given to 3 important aspects of leadership which face our next bishop, our Diocese and the Episcopal Church, will be available as well. Keep our deliberations and discussions in your prayers and please discuss your thoughts with the delegates from our parish who will be determining our next Bishop at Convention, October 12.

July 22, 2007: NOMINEES FOR THE NEXT BISHOP of Nevada have been announced by the Standing Committee this week. They are The Rev. Dr. Susan Burns, Rector of Church of the Redeemer, Bethesda, Maryland; The Rev. Dr. Cathy L. Deats, Rector of St. James Church, Hackettstown, N.J.; The Very Rev. Dan Thomas Edwards, Rector of St. Francis Church, Macon, Georgia; The Rev. Dr. Charles Eric Funston, Rector of St. Paul's Church, Medina, Ohio; and The Rev. Albert John Keeney, Rector of St. John's Church, Canandaigua, N.Y.
Please consult the Diocesan Website (www.nvdiocese.org) for more details. The Petition Process is now open for additional Nominations until August 1, 2007.

July 15, 2007: BISHOP SEARCH COMMITTEE plans to announce their nominees for the next Bishop of Nevada this week, on Wednesday July 18. The names, pictures and biographies will be posted on the Diocesan Website
<www.nvdiocese.org> on Wednesday. Names and the parishes they presently serve will be announced here in our bulletin next Sunday. The Petition Process also opens on July 18 and the procedures for nomination by petition will be posted Wednesday on the same website. Petitions are a substitute for "Nominations from the floor" of
Convention because floor nominations do not allow time for required background checks. Anyone can submit a petition to the Standing Committee

May 20, 2007:  Your prayers are requested on Monday for the members of the Bishop Search Committee who will be reviewing and considering the telephone interviews held this past week with some of the nominees for our next Bishop of the Diocese of Nevada. The Committee expects to announce a slate of Candidates in Mid July. Election will take place on Friday, October 12 at the beginning of our Diocesan Convention. Those voting will be all the elected delegates from our parish and Diocesan clergy.

May 13, 2007:  The BISHOP SEARCH COMMITTEE met this past Tuesday to consider the nominees for Nevada’s next Bishop. They will be conducting telephone interviews with those nominees who are continuing in the process, during this coming week. Please keep the Committee members, Candi, Carolyn, Jon, Pat and Sandy, in your prayers as they seek to discern experienced and gifted candidates for our Convention delegates to select in October.

The Rev. Richard Sims has reluctantly resigned from the Search Committee to care for his wife, Paula, undergoing serious cancer treatment. Please also pray for Paula and “Red” and for her healing.

April 1, 2007:  Bulletin Insert:

With just over two weeks left for completed applications to be considered for Nevada’s next Bishop, everyone’s attention is directed to our Diocesan Profile Website:

The Profile presents our Diocese to prospective candidates and everyone is encouraged to read and see pictures of the many ministries that make up our Diocesan mission. We are a Statewide community, called to transform our communities through the vitality of our worship and living out our baptismal vows. Witness who we are and all the work we are doing together, as we prepare to call and welcome our next Bishop.
If you have any questions of the Search Committee or have not been able to see the Profile Website for any reason, please contact the Search Committee by eMail:

April 29, 2007:  Bulletin Insert:


With last week’s closing of the Application/Nomination phase in our search process, the Bishop Search Committee is pleased to announce receipt of a comfortable number of potential candidates to move into our next phase of discernment. If the Profile did its job, we have applications from enthusiastic candidates who truly understand the dynamics of the Diocese of Nevada. The submitted materials and our interviews that follow will confirm this. . .

If the PROFILE OF THE DIOCESE OF NEVADA is intended to clearly define who WE (the Diocese) are, then its importance can not be ignored. It is the culmination of many, many long hours of work, research, interviews, information gathering, document writing, conference calls, proof reading and presentation design.

The Profile is the result of the passion of six people for their state, their Church, and our Diocese. We are grateful to those who have contributed to this project and have been willing to share in the passion. Let us pray that passion is contagious; let the Profile be a place where Bishop candidates tasted our state and wanted more and where the rest of us who make up the Diocese got to know one another better. You have looked at it, haven’t you? (www.nvdiocese.org/profile) As a participant in the construction of the Profile I found the experience exciting. The publication date arrived, final distribution was accomplished and then...”The Wait”.


“The Wait” - not basic waiting, such as waiting for dinner or waiting for American Idol to start, but intense, anticipatory, anxious WAITING. This process was like a drag race - Profile construction was the top fuel dragster hurtling down the track in excess of 300 miles per hour. When “the wait” kicked in it was like the dragster’s parachute opening at the end of the race - the change in pace and focus was appropriate and necessary but sudden and startling, nonetheless.

During “The Wait” there were the questions and concerns. Did the Profile do its job? Have people in the Diocese looked at it? Did the notification process work? Are potential candidates looking at it? Will there be any applications? Will the applicants be credible? The questions went on and on and on...

We know about waiting. Our faith includes times of waiting. Advent is the beginning. It is the season of preparation and expectation and yes, waiting, waiting for the celebration of the coming of Christ. We know Christ will come and we read the stories that help us understand what this will mean to the birth of our faith. Each year our journey begins again, we know what the stories will be and what to expect at the end of each Season, but there remains a sense of adventure and of waiting. Will each of us somehow find something new along the way? As we wait will we also discover?

The application/nomination wait is over. The Search Committee is reviewing applications and will soon be interviewing and evaluating responses. The dragster will be back out on the track. Another race will begin. We will be engaged in discovery and analysis. Each phase of the process is like another race. The dragster takes off again and as the chute opens at the end of each race, we will have met our goals and we will continue to move forward toward the final “event” - Election of our new Bishop at Diocesan Convention on October 12 -The Reverend Sandra L Oetjen
Bishop Search Committee

April 15, 2007:   Applications and Nominations for our next Bishop will close at 5pm (PDT) on Thursday, April 19. For those to be considered further in Nevada’s search process, all parts of the application must be received by this deadline. All needed data on applications or nominations can be found on our Profile Website (www.nvdiocese.org/profile).

Shortly after the April 19 deadline, the 6 member search committee will be reading and considering the applications in order to discern those who will be interviewed by telephone during the next stage of the Search Process, which begins May 7.

If you have not visited the Profile Website, please do so, as it is a presentation of the mission work and witness of all of us working together in this Diocese. Those who do not have access to the internet at home are encouraged to visit the local library or contact the parish office to see the Profile.

March 11, 2007:  The PROFILE of our DIOCESE is now on the web at:
for all of us to see. Please take a few moments to explore this effort to communicate the picture of who the Episcopal Church is in Nevada. You will be impressed with the amount of mission and ministry in which many of us are engaged. Results of our Focus Groups meetings are there, with a description of the type of leader we are seeking for our next Bishop. Please help in the process by sending the URL web address to your friends far and wide! The more we spread the word, the more likely we are to find the leader we seek for our Diocese. If you do not have access to the web, ask a friend, go to the nearest Library, or stop by the Church office to get a print of the website.

March 4, 2007:   APPLICATIONS & NOMINATIONS for our next Bishop of the Diocese of
Nevada are now open until April 19.  The PROFILE website of our
Diocese is now welcoming your visit at <www.nvdiocese.org/profile>
where an Application/Nomination Form can be found, along with
instructions for using it.  Everyone is encouraged to consider
nominating persons you feel could lead our our Diocese.  If you do not
have access to the internet, the Church Office can print you a
Nomination Form, or you can have one mailed to you by Barbara Lewis at
our Diocesan Office.  Call her at (702) 737-9190.

February 25, 2007:   The BISHOP SEARCH COMMITTEE will open Nominations and Applications for
our next Bishop on Wednesday, February 28.  Nomination/Application
forms and procedures, along with a current PROFILE of our Diocese will
be available in the parish office on Wednesday or on the Search
website: www.nvdiocese.org/profile

February 11, 2007:   BISHOP SEARCH COMMITTEE is distilling the excellent input from 18 Focus Groups held statewide, and several other individual communications that have been received.  They send their thanks for all who have participated, and urge any who have not expressed their
concerns and thoughts to visit the Diocesan web site, download the Questionnaire and answer the 5 questions so the Committee can benefit from your input before the Diocesan Profile is published later this month.  Nominations/Applications will be open on about February 15 and nomination procedures will be posted on the Diocesan Website at that time as well.  Please visit:

www.nvdiocese.org   --  and select "Bishop Search Process

February 4, 2007:   FOCUS GROUPS gathering information to write our Diocesan Profile
conclude today.  However there is still an opportunity to express your
opinions and answer the same questions that the groups have been
addressing.  To do so, go to the diocesan web site and select "ANSWER
PROFILE QUESTIONS" at the bottom of the page.
This is the same web site on which you will be able to view the
completed profile in a couple of weeks:  www.nvdiocese.org/profile
                     - The Diocesan Bishop Search Committee

January 28, 2007:   " This is the last week to participate in FOCUS GROUPS gathering Profile information about our Diocese for those interested in becoming our new Bishop.  If you have not participated in a FOCUS GROUP, please plan to do so.  FOCUS GROUPS are for everyone. The times, places and dates of FOCUS GROUP meetings are posted on the web:

If you can go to a group scheduled at a parish other than ours, it will be an excellent opportunity to meet other Episcopalians in the area and trade ideas about our Church.  We want to hear from you.
                                                                  - The Diocesan Bishop Search Committee

January 21, 2007:   Several FOCUS GROUPS are scheduled in the area for everyone's
convenience.  We hope you will participate and share your thoughts
about our Diocese and the skills & gifts you would like to see in our
new Bishop.  The dates, times and places of FOCUS GOUPS, as well as
the questions they will be addressing are all posted on the web:
                          - The Diocesan Bishop Search Committee"

 Any personal support you can also provide via a verbal announcement
during liturgy will be helpful.

January 14, 2007:  Bulletin Insert


The first step in finding a new Bishop for Nevada is creating a PROFILE of our Diocese for those who may be interested in coming as our leader. These FOCUS GROUPS will provide much of the input to create our Profile. You are encouraged to participate in whichever group meeting is most convenient for you--not necessarily in your own parish. A good chance to get to know other Episcopalians in the area!

Central Mission District
Fallon Jan. 27 Sat. 2-4 PM Holy Trinity
Nixon Jan. 27 Sat. 10-Noon St. Mary’s
Frontier Mission District
Elko Jan. 20 Sat. 10-Noon St. Paul’s
Ely Jan. 19 Fri. 6-8 PM St Bartholomew’s
Northwest Mission District
Carson City Jan. 28 Sun. 11:30-1:30 St. Peter’s
Glenbrook Feb. 4 Sun. 11:30-1:30 St. John’s
Incline Village Jan. 28 Sun. 2:30-4:30 St. Patrick’s TENTATIVE
Reno/Sparks Jan. 21 Sun. 1-3 PM Trinity
Reno/Sparks Jan. 24 Wed. 6-8 PM St. Paul’s
Southern Mission District
Boulder City Feb. 3 Sat. 10-Noon St Christopher’s
Bullhead City, AZ Jan. 28 Sun. 1-3 PM Holy Spirit
Henderson Jan. 26 Fri. 6-8 PM St. Timothy’s
Las Vegas Jan. 27 Sat. 10-Noon All Saints
Las Vegas Jan. 27 Sat. 1-3 PM Grace in the Desert
Las Vegas Jan. 29 Mon. 6:30-8:30 PM St. Matthew’s TENTATIVE
Las Vegas Feb. 3 Sat. 1-3 PM Christ Church
Pahrump Jan. 20 Sat. 10-Noon St. Martin’s


During January 2007 focus group gatherings will take place in several locations throughout the state. Included with this article is a list of the meetings currently scheduled. To understand the purpose of focus groups lets consider the word “gathering” as it applies to these groups. In one respect, the focus groups will be anopportunity to gather people from parishes within the diocese for discussion and input. Another aspect of the focus groups will be to gather information about the diocese from those who live and worship here.

When you attend a focus group you will be asked about your view of life within the diocese today and about your vision for the future. This information along with data and photographs describing the diocese will collectively become the diocesan profile. As you envision the collective profile of the diocese we would like you to see it as multi-dimensional. Imagine a person’s profile in a photograph.

The surface of the paper is flat, the person’s expression is frozen in time. We see the physical presence of the person, but little else. We probably can’t identify the person’s hopes, dreams, goals, experiences or concerns from the photo. We know nothing beyond the image on paper. Where the photo of a person in profile tells us little, it is our hope that by contrast the diocese in profile will tell us a great deal. We expect to learn about the hopes, dreams, goals, experiences and concerns of the individuals and parishes within the diocese. This information will be very important to those considering a call to bishop and those reviewing the applications that are submitted. This information is also vital to the laity and clergy of the diocese in preparing for new leadership and change.

The profile gathering process is a form of discernment - recognizing differences, keen perception and judgment, insight. Our goal is to identify reality, not manipulate the vision. We all should be prepared to listen as well as speak, to be respectful of ourselves as well as others and to participate from both a personal and communal perspective. Prayer, faith and God’s grace will be the tools that guide us.

It is our hope that every member of this diocese will take the time to be a part of a focus group gathering. We feel that being present at a focus group gives an individual the opportunity to not only be heard but to share in the energy, perspective and enthusiasm of others in the room. For those unable to attend any of the focus group meetings we will have the questions available on the Search Committee website. The website address is: www.nvdiocese.org/profile The questions that will be asked at the focus groups and published on the website are printed below. We want to hear from all of you. Please take this opportunity to be a part of the process to call a new bishop to the diocese of Nevada.

--The Rev. Sandra L. Oetjen, Diocesan Search Committee

THE QUESTIONS each Focus Group will address
1. What is working well in the diocese?
2. What is not working well in the diocese?
3. What gifts and experiences should our new Bishop have?
4. What personal characteristics should our new Bishop have?
5. What would you like to see both the Diocese and a new Bishop do to encourage the mission and ministry of all baptized persons here in our Diocese?

December 31, 2006:   SEARCH IS UNDERWAY for our new Bishop! Watch for all the information in the January/February issue of DESERT SPIRIT and plan to participate in FOCUS GROUPS during January at a location near you. If you have any questions, ask the Search Committee : eMail to “nvbishopsearch@gmail.com” or visit our web page: “www.nvdiocese.org” -- Look for BISHOP SEARCH PROCESS buttons. -- The Diocesan Search Committee