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In order to understand the logic of this site for adding new material and finding the appropriate place to post to the site, some notes on the site design are in order:

1) As most web designers know, there is a difference between the site "structure" and the navigation menu. The structure follows the logic of site operation, while the Navigation MENU is designed for the targeted site visitor. Navigation on this site primarily uses the menu in the left column of the "BasicPage" template.

2) PERMANENT vs TEMPORARY FILES: First, it is important to understand that any new file must be located on the site where it will remain until it is removed. Everything is considered permanent if it is placed in a folder other than the NEW folder. The NEW folder 's directory is "_New.html" and it serves as the front page of our site, pointing the visitor to everything current. However, no permanent file is actually posted in the NEW folder. That folder is reserved for temporary files which intend to be left on the site only for a short period of time. These files shoud be culled and out-of-date material removed quarterly.

Everything newly posted on the site should:

  • FIRST be placed where it will permanently live,
  • SECOND, be linked to a Directory (usually only the directory for the section in which the file is placed, though there may be more than one directory listing for some items
  • THIRDLY, the new file is linked on the "_New.html" page.

(These are the root level folders and what they are used for)

_HOMEPAGE: Only files related to the Splash page.

_NEW: See discussion in #2 above

ADMINISTRATION: This refers to SITE administration (not Diocesan administration) and contains the folder PROTOCOLS which holds files for the WebTeam use only. There may also be folders in this area for individuals on the Team, containing files on which they are wortking but are not yet ready for posting. There are no links to Administration pages so they are ONLY accessible from within Dreamweaver itself. The PHOTOARCHIVE conains all the images for general use on the site. (Store here only images optomized for web posting--not the original full resolution versions of those images. The latter should be kept in a RESOURCES folder on your personal computer and periodically burned to CD for placing in the Resource Center of the Diocese.: These larger images should never be uploaded to the site. Specific reports or programs housed elsewhere on the site also contain IMAGES folders. In those other IMAGES folders are kept images specific to that event or report, which are not likely to be used elsewhere.

BISHOPSPAGES: (There is presently lots of Katharine's material here, which needs to be moved to RESOURCES / HISTORY / SCHORI.) These pages should only contain temporary material related to the current Bishop of the Diocese. Any files which should remain as permanent record should be filed in that HISTORY folder in another folder with the current Bishop's name. These more permanent files should ALSO be linked to the BISHOPSPAGES directory, but that link would be removed when the Bishop's term comes to an end. [Dick Schori is responsible for much of the material here, and should be consulted before making substantive changes.]

COMMITTEES-COMMISSIONS: are the operating bodies within the Diocese. All material related to those bodies and their work--especially reports-- goes here. Some Diocesan programs which do not have an officially appointed Committee or Commission will have folders here as well.

DESERT SPIRIT: This folder contains the archives and the current issue of DESERT SPIRIT. For procedures used in posting each issue of DESERT SPIRIT, see the protocol by that name in the PROTOCOLS folder.

DIASCONCRISTO: Material related to this interdenominational organization [Since this organization is related much like RAIN, it should be moved to COMMITTEES-COMMISSIONS. It was placed here before they had their own website.]

DioCONVENTION: All reports and plans and announcements related to our Diocesan Convention is filed under the appropriate year here. Therefore the "history" of Diocesan Conventions are here as well. The Journal is filed in RESOURCES.

EMPLOYMENT: A single directory page and any other documents that might relate to either volunteer or paid opportunities that exist. Each entry on the Directory page should be followed by the date posted to aid in removing 0older material. If no information is available, this material should be refreshed each month and not kept more than 90 days. Often this material is sent to the those on Barbara's Diocesan mailing list, and is picked up from there to post on this Directory page.

ENRICHMENT (and Education) This is the location for all educational opportunities. It contains several frequently used files: WORKSHOPS, On-Line Courses, and On-Site Courses. Book Reviews and Clergy Conferences. The distinction between this and RESOURCES is that this material is directly for educational purposes for the site visitor (clergy or lay) and RESOURCES is seen as resource to be used by the visitor for the benefit of training others.

FISHTALES: is an old Diocesan Newsletter that is no longer issued as it is replaced by the eMail listserv Barbara sends out. This perhaps should be moved into hisotry.

GALILEE: was here before there was a robust websited for the Camp and Conference Center. There may not even be a need any lonjger to retain this folder on the site, but link the menu item directly to the Galilee website.

gc: This is the report to the Diocese from the 2005 General Convention. Perhaps it shuld now be moved to the NATIONALCHURCH folder. It was put at the root level so that the URL would be short and easy to remember.

INTERNLDEVMISSION: There are several reports from IDM that have never found their way to the IDM site, which is now maintained in the Midwest. Much of this was done by Ron Peterson (St. Paul's) and some of it needs to be moved here from St. Paul's old site. You will likely not have anything new for this folder but perhaps it should remain. There may be external links to this material from the IDM site.

Library: Dreamweaver creates this folder and the name cannot be modified (like changing it to Uppercase). These are files that can be loaded into any page by dragging from the Library Asset window.

MEDIAPAGES: These pages are created as a direct link for other news sources like State, National and regional newspapers, radio and television outlets and web sites. The Directory points media visitors to our News Releases, and to Episcopal News Service and Anglican Communiion News Service. Our releases are posted here.

MISSIONDISTRICTS: This area has folders for the 5 Mission Districts of the Diocese, and each Directory page contains the info on the composition of the District, announcemnts for upcoming meetings, agendas etc. Also, thee are reports of previous Mission District meetings. The Central Mission District links directly to a page which Ed Lovelady maintains on the All Sants Las Vegas website.

NATIONALCHURCH: The Directory page in this area is a quick link some people use to get to the National Church site. This is also a place that National Church material can be placed when for a variety of reasons it is better to create our own page rather than link to an exterior page.

PROFILE: This is our 2007 Diocesan Profile that the Bishop Search Committee is publishing. It is at the root level to enable a short easily communicated URL. After our new Bishop is selected later in the year, this folder should be moved to the SEARCH folder in BISHOPSPAGES. Because this area is designed to be a stand-alone website, it does not link to anything else within the remainder of the site in the usual internal method, except by using external links. Therefore the entire folder can easily be moved to any other location on this site and it will still function perfectly without updating any links.

RESOURCES: This is the most robust area on the site and includes any resource that our visitors might find useful in their ministries. It is the primary resource area for the target visitor of the Diocesan Web site -- persons in the Diocese of Nevada engaged in transformation ministries. Included here are Abuse and Anti Racism Training events, Bible, Book Reviews (distinguished from "Books" in ENRICHMENT because these are teaching resources for group use), Diocesan Canons, reports from Conferences Diocesan Representatives have attended, Confirmation procedures, Diocesan Customary, Deacons pages, Diocesan forms, Ethnic ministries, Marriage procedures, Movies (actually audio visual resources), Precept demographical information, Diocesan Policies, Prayer Lists, the Diocesan Resource Center, The Total Ministry Notebook, and Worship resources. Note that MUSIC is considered a part of WORSHIP resources, and refers to Liturgical Music.

SPECIALCOMMUNICATIONS: This is a location for things that do not fit other places.

SURVEY: This is the forms for an unscientific survey we did in 2005 about the use of the web among our people. Jon Davidson has the responses and a report was never posted. It will be one day!

Templates: Dreamweaver creates this folder and the name cannot be modified (like changing it to Uppercase).

TreasurerPages: Diocesan Treasurer's reports that are available are filed here so that everyone in the Diocese has access to them. This likely should be moved to the RESOURCES pages.

YOUNG ADULTS: This section should contain information on the campus ministries to the University of Nevada campuses, and links to regional and National young adult activities. Perhaps Karen Johanns in the tri-parish youth program in the Northwest, who is sharp on computer use, might maintain these pages. She needs to be asked.

YOUTH: This section is set up so that it can be a stand-alone youth section maintained by the Youth. Presently the Directory links to some Diocesan Youth pages on the All Saints, Las Vegas site that Ed Lovelady maintains that are current material on youth programs in the Diocese.

Z_JUNKCANNOTREMOVE: From time to time, for some unknown reason, Dreamweaver will not allow some files to be removed. When that happens, the files have been moved here. Nothing in this section is of any value and can be trashed whenever possible. We have, on occasion, asked the site host to go in to the site and remove the files in this folder!