Procedure for posting Fish Tales on Diocesan Site:


1. Post Fish Tales on the site in the ARCHIVES folder where it will stay permanently.  Name the file as in the other ones there (“Tales04.05.[file ext]” would be the filename for May.).  If you post both a .pdf and a .doc file, then both should have idential filenames with the exception of the file extension.  If there is a suppliment such as in Apri 2004, then that should have a unique filename but using the same dating scheme so that it will appear immediately beside the main file. (Note whatwas donefor April 2004)


2. Create a new link on the “_TalesDir.html” page for the new month (current issue is on top).


3. Copy (to your computer clipboard) the filename "/ADMINISTRATION/WEBTEAM/PROTOCOLS/_FishTales.htm" (2nd item down in this directory) then delete that file.


4. Then duplicate the file you created in #1 above and RENAME the DUPLICATE with the name you have on your computer clipboard ("/ADMINISTRATION/WEBTEAM/PROTOCOLS/_FishTales.htm"). This replaces that older file with the current one so that the link to "Current Edition" never has to change, the Directory listing does not have to change, and all the parish web sites that link to "Fish Tales" can continue to use the same link without changing it each month. This means that there are now 2 links on the Directory page to the current edition, but saves having to move anything once it is posted.


5. Add a new link on the “_New.html” page (or change the month of the existing link if it has not been removed) calling attention to the fact that a new edition of Fish Tales is posted. Move this link to the top of the items on WHAT'S NEW  


6. Send an email to the Nevada Web Administrators email list alerting them to the posting of the new edition, and include the COMPLETE URL to the CURRENT edition file (the one that does not change) so they can link to it directly .