Last Updated: May 24, 2004

In order to prevent 2 team members from making changes in a file at the same time and thus not be working on the LATEST version of that file, we are all using the "Check in/out Procedure" in Dreamweaver. This places a checkmark and name of the person who has it "out" next to the file name in the site window in Dreamweaver.

Here is how it works:
When you are working on an existing page on the web site, it's icon will display a locked symbol and you cannot make any changes to it without checking it out. This requires using the RIGHT SET OF UPLOAD / DOWNLOAD arrows in the Site window in Dreamweaver.

1. Open Dreamweaver. Select: Site/ Open Site / DIOCESE

2. Select the file(s) you wish to work on (it/they will be highlighted) [To check out more than one file, shift+click on additional files after selecting the first one]

3. Select the RIGHT hand DOWN Arrow (WITH CHECK MARK NEXT TO IT) at the top of the page. This downloads the file to your computer and checks it out to you. Your name will appear to the right of the file in the Site Files window (and in anyone else's window when they open the site.) DO NOT CHECK THE FILE OUT AND OPEN IT AT THE SAME TIME BY DOUBLE CLICKING ON THE FILE. THIS CONVENTION DOES NOT WORK DEPENDABLY IN DREAMWEAVER ANY LONGER AND IT MAY CRASH YOUR APP.

4. NOW, double click the file to open it.

5. Make the changes on the page(s) . [Note: You do not need to remain on line (connected to Diocese site) while you work. You have the page(s) checked out indefinitely and no one else can inadvertently make changes to these pages while you have them checked out--without overriding your checkout.]

6. When completed, save the revised page(s) in your copy of Dreamweaver.

7. Upload and check the page(s) in by selecting the page(s) with which you have finished, and then selecting the right hand UP ARROW (it has a locked symbol by it) in the Site Window of Dreamweaver. . [You will notice that the check mark and your name have disappeared from the file(s) you checked in and uploaded] THAT'S IT; YOU ARE DONE; THE PAGES ARE BOTH UPLAODED AND CHECKED IN.

Notes: You may find it difficult (though not impossible!) to even look at a page without checking it out. Suggestion is that for just looking at a page (cannot make changes) you either log on through your regular internet browser (NOT Dreamweaver) or that you "Preview in Browser" within Dreamweaver. [Select the "index.html" file and go to: File / Preview in Browser / Choose the browser (if you have more than one enabled in the Dreamweaver Preferences.). The site will now work just as if you were looking at your copy of the site on-line (except there will be no waiting for pages to load)

One can checkout an entire folder (section of the site) to work on, simply by selecting the respective FOLDER and then selecting the Checkout arrow. Dreamweaver will go through the folder and check out all the individual files to you. They can be all checked back in the same way.

IMPORTANT: TO AVOID replacing files on the Server which have been previously deleted: BE SURE YOU CHECK OUT EVERYTHING YOU PLAN TO WORK ON -- Then Check back in ONLY THOSE FILES YOU CHECKED OUT.
Note: If you check out only certain files, then check back in the entire folder, you may have had some files on your local site which were previously removed from that folder on the server by someone else, which you would then be placing back on the server.

WHEN SYNCHRONIZING ( SITE/ SYNCHRONIZE), Be sure that when selecting "Put Newer Files to Remote" that you are sure EVERYTHING in the folders you are Synchronizing was downloaded by you and Checked out. If not, you may be putting older files that you have on your local site, but which have subsequently been removed from the remote site -- back on the remote site by mistake. (They are considered "Newer" than those on the Remote site, because no such file is on the remote site! -- even though they may be quite old!)