(Dreamweaver 4)

You will likely keep other items in this folder along with the Site. For example, you may keep resources such as images, correspondence about the site, notes, and backups of the section(s) of the site you are maintaining.

2. CREATE A FOLDER WITHIN THE FOLDER ABOVE TITLED "SITE" NOTHING GOES IN THIS FOLDER EXCEPT THE FILES THAT DREAMWEAVER PUTS THERE. (It is recommended that you have another folder also in the "DIOCESE WEB" folder called "RESOURCES" in which you store pictues, notes, etc. that you have used for resources but which are not actually on the site.)



5. IN THE "Site Definition for Unnamed Site 1" WINDOW THAT OPENS, with "Local Information " selected in the Left menu, enter the following intormation:
SITE NAME: (replace "Unamed Site 1" with :) DIOCESE
LOCAL ROOT FOLDER: (Click the folder to the right of this field--which has some information already entered it it, and navigate to the "SITE" folder you have created in step #2 above. The information in this field ends with the word "....SITE:" This tells DREAMWEAVER THE EXACT LOCATION (PATH) ON YOUR LOCAL COMPUTER WHERE THE SITE FILES RESIDE.

6. IN THE "HTTP Address" field, enter the following:

7. Check "Enable Cache"

8. In the menu on the left, select "Remote Info"

9. In the window that opens, Pull down the window entitled "Server Access" & Choose "FTP"

10. For "FTP Host" enter:

11. For "Host Directory" enter "/ADMINISTRATION/WEBTEAM/."

12. In "Login," enter : ednv-webmaster

13.For "Password" contact a team member

14. Check "Save" if you wish your computer to enter the password automatically. If there is a security issue with your computer, then leave this unchecked and enter it manually when prompted.

15. Leave "Passive FTP, " & "Use Firewall" UNCHECKED.

16. CHECK "CheckIn/Out" to enable that feature. WE ALL MUST USE THIS FEATURE. This assures that 2 members of the team who happen to be working on the site --at the same time to change the same page-- will be working on the latest version.

17 "Design Notes" and "File View Columns" (in the left menu) are not critical and you can leave them at their default settings.

18. "Site Map Layout" in the Left Menu shows the location ON YOUR COMPUTER of the first page of the site which is called "index.html" (That is true of ALL SITES). IF the information in this field ends with ":index.html" then it is fine. If not , skip this for now but MAKE A NOTE TO RETURN HERE AFTER YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED THE SITE and navigate by clicking the folder to the right of the field until the field displays the location of the St. Paul's site on your computer and ends with that specific page : "index.html"

19. Select "OK" at the bottom of the open window, and the "Site" for DIOCESE will be displayed in a 2 column window entitled "Site - St. Paul's". One column (Remote Site) will be entirely blank, the other (Local folder) will have displayed only the "root" folder on your computer where the Diocesan site WILL be located after it is downloaded. If you get a warning window that indicates the Site Map cannot be displayed because a local root folder has not been chosen, click OK, and in the upper Left of the Site window, there are 2 icons for selecting whether the Window displays the "Site Map" or "Site Files". Choose "Site Files". (Whether the Local Files are displayed in the Right or Left window is selectable in DREAMWEAVER preferences (Edit/Preferences/Site/"Always Show..."). It is recommended that you keep Local Files (presently the column with a single folder displayed in it) on the LEFT (if you don;t already have a protocol for this you are used to). This is entirely your choice.

20. With the Site window open, and the folder where the site will be stored on your computer HIGHLIGHTED, go to the top menu under "Site" pull down to "Get" and you will automatically download the entire site from the server to your computer and it will be displayed in BOTH columns of your Site Window. (If there is a difference between what appears in the columns, click the "+" box and more will open--It's all there, but sometimes displayed in abbreviated manner by not showing the entire contents of each folder. You will want to use those "+" and "-" buttons to clean up your windows so that you are only displaying in their entirety those portions of the site on which you are working.

21.If something doesn't work the way it is described above, call me!

Jon Davidson 831-3490

Some notes on protocol:

1. DO NOT EVER make any changes to the file called "index.html" That MUST REMAIN EXACTLY AS IT IS.

2. Do not make changes to areas of the site for which you are not responsible.

3. DO NOT give the Password to anyone. The WebTeam leader is keeping track of who has the password and for what purposes. If someone needs it, tell them to call the WebTeam Leader.

4. In creating new files, do not put SPACES, commas, colons, semi-colons, or apostrophe's in the filename. (The Web server doesn't like them and may not let you put the file up)

4. If, after you have made some changes and you check them ON THE SERVER by using your Web browser, something does not work as it should, --DON'T PANIC! CALL WebTeam Leader. She / He is maintaining backups of the site and can usually fix anything that goes wrong or tell you how to. REMEMBER the "Preview in Browser" function in Dreamweaver (File/Preview in Browser) does not look at the Server, it only displays what the page you have on your computer SHOULD look like in the browser you select. You have to go on-line and connect to the site through the Internet to actually see how it DOES look to the rest of the world!

5. DO have fun! This should be a joy; If it is not, talk to another team member and we'll figure out how to make it more enjoyable!